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There is Nothing Wrong With Choosing Quality  Please whatever you do at least read How to Meet The Rich (very good book)

Okay I not saying that a woman has to marry a rich man.  He can be of modest means, but why is it that when a woman wants to marry well that she is ridiculed. This happens whether it’s about the man being financially stable ( has job, knows how to handle money, has plans) or his education.  I went to a site advertising Lisa Mandells Hong K ong How to Snare a Millionaire class and on the website it was mostly she’s a gold-digger, money isn’t the only thing that can make you happy and even more dumb comments.   Finally someone pointed out that their great-grandmother always taught them that you can fall in love and marry a rich man as easy as you can date and marry a poor one.   One thing I did notice is that it was mostly men complaining.  My thought on that one is that most of these men think or even know they might not measure up with women looking for quality men whether they are rich or of modest means.  But isn’t it funny how men love to call women gold-diggers (and then get mad when their daughters date a guy below their level) , but go after women because of looks.  Not only that how many times have we heard the story who marries the bosses daughter or even a woman so he can work for her fathers company and later take the reigns etc.? 

Yes women around the world have this negative view put on them, but notice how many of those same men wouldn’t let their daughters marrying the garbage man after he’s encouraged her to get an education.  This same goes with black men.  Becareful because yes Steve Harvey might be telling you one thing and be telling his own daughter something else.  That’s the reason I am always careful when men start complaining about books like the Rules, Why Men Love/Marry bitches saying a man wouldn’t want a woman playing hard to get he would lose interest then low and behold he has dumped the woman who listened to him and went after the girl who followed such methods.  Women of other cultures might get this same stigma, but it especially hard on black women.  We are accused of being a gold-digger (which I don’t understand because we make most of the moolah anyway), too picky (well see we are not giving that uneducated “brotha” a chance) looking for men who are either educated formally or informally etc. Don’t get me started on the stupid videos about bw looking for educated men etc. Yes there are white men who say this. Do you think most women especially the educated ones listen to them? I had a cultural anthropology teacher last semester (bm, well I think biracial) and he pointed out to the class that no matter what men like to think no non-educated or educated woman is not going to consider education when it comes to marrying a man. She is thinking of not only her life, but the life of her future offspring.

Since I said I won’t post a negative video there was a vid saying fallacies of black women wanting to mary well.  I clicked out of it before the man even started really talking.  But I did see a comment that I agreed with.  The commenter said the problem is that black women aren’t as covert about it as other women are.  I do have to agree.  I think we need to be more covert.  It’s sort of like when you want to start a business or do something new.  Sometimes the worse people to tell are the people close to you.  I’m not saying act like you don’t want quality, but becareful who you tell of your plans.  Even worse detractors can be your own friends especially you are expanding your options, are happy and they are not because they bought into the indocrination.  Don’t worry it though we are still learning and growing.  But do remember you don’t talk to about about Doing the Rules, the Four Man Plan, Why Men Love Bitches or any method of the sort you just do them.  Books like The Rules is another topic for a post in the near future.

Black Women’s Image We Control It No One Else!
This is the first and last time I post a video like this. But I believe black women need to see the psychological warfare that is being played on black women. I saw this post at Dawnali. The person who posted noted that those types of vids really shouldn’t be posted because it’s like you are advertising these people. I agree. That’s why this is the only vid of this kind that you will have the misfortune of glancing your eyes upon on this blog. The topic was are vids like these more dangerous than someone like SWP. I say yes they are.

As was stated in the post this man takes women at their weakest moments. Moments when we don’t feel loved, desirable etc. and uses them in this against us in this video. I think that is a more dangerous psychological form a warefar than anything I’ve seen.

But it also brings up a good question. How much is too much? I can’t say I hate Tyra’s show that’s too strong a word. There are eps that i’ve seen (don’t watch it much) that are pretty good (but I don’t completely trust her motives from past shows with bw especially those in IR), but black women please stop getting on this woman’s show as well as others who will show us in this light. Stop telling everyone our business.  Stop getting on Youtube and other video sites talking about men like SWP have good points. I saw a woman literally crying on YT talking about bm/ww in movies like Hancock etc. Stop talking about how black women are the lowest on the totem pole etc.  First of all you are what you say you are.  If you think and say you are on the bottom of the totem pole and nobody wants you or finds you desirable.  Then well duh you are going to self prophetically put youself on the bottom of the totem pople, you are going to have a hard time finding someone to love and desire you (and who wants someone who doesn’t love themself).   I’m not saying that we should just stay silent, but seriously we tell people too much. Do we really need to put things on blast. Written words as well as visual images hurt us. We must becareful of what we say to other people and the world. We are already suffering from the consequences of the Nothing But a Black Man that black women loved to say and some still to this day. We are hurting from those Rikki Lake, Jerry Springer etc. shows of black women crying on national tv asking for black men to come back home. Black women please show caution around people who have shown that they don’t have your best interest at heart whether they are strangers, friends or family. Let’s get out of this woa is me crap from this day forward.

Another thing is we also need to know about the psychological warfare being played on bw by dbrbm and their bw lackies. I’m not saying dwell on these men or even the bc. I’m saying know they are there and then work on getting yourself out situation damaging to your psyche.

Remember this is the first and very absolutely last time a video like this is posted. I am going to do like C.W. and have readers pledge not to post any of that mess here.

Why focus on fools like swp and the guy who made the video above when we have men willing to defend us such as

Welcome to Black Women’s Time to Shine

Thanks for coming to my blog. I’ve seen so many videos, writings saying negative things about bw. I do not believe that we are at the bottom of the totem pole or any less beautiful, desirable or intelligent than any other woman. It is our time to shine. Black women keep thinking outside the box and if you haven’t there is nothing wrong in starting to now.

We should be able to travel wherever the hell we want and not have to give apologies because we decide to visit London, England, Switzerland instead of Africa or so called black countries. Travel to Jamaica if you want to not because of keeping it real etc. or the so called self hate of your color/race.

Men of all races find us attractive no matter what bm or the bc tell us day in and day out. Whatever you do get out of the matrix.

We have the Right to love and be loved by who we want not based on who others say we have to love or marry. We have the right to want to be married and a family.

We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for wanting to marry up. We shouldn’t be punished for wanting to find men who are providers. We shouldn’t be called a gold-digger for doing what most women in the world think about when looking for a mate. Not saying the man has to be daddy Warbucks, but women shouldn’t feel guilty wanting a man who can be a great father, husband, provider, has an education whether self or formal.

It’s our time to shine!