Black Women’s Image We Control It No One Else!
This is the first and last time I post a video like this. But I believe black women need to see the psychological warfare that is being played on black women. I saw this post at Dawnali. The person who posted noted that those types of vids really shouldn’t be posted because it’s like you are advertising these people. I agree. That’s why this is the only vid of this kind that you will have the misfortune of glancing your eyes upon on this blog. The topic was are vids like these more dangerous than someone like SWP. I say yes they are.

As was stated in the post this man takes women at their weakest moments. Moments when we don’t feel loved, desirable etc. and uses them in this against us in this video. I think that is a more dangerous psychological form a warefar than anything I’ve seen.

But it also brings up a good question. How much is too much? I can’t say I hate Tyra’s show that’s too strong a word. There are eps that i’ve seen (don’t watch it much) that are pretty good (but I don’t completely trust her motives from past shows with bw especially those in IR), but black women please stop getting on this woman’s show as well as others who will show us in this light. Stop telling everyone our business.  Stop getting on Youtube and other video sites talking about men like SWP have good points. I saw a woman literally crying on YT talking about bm/ww in movies like Hancock etc. Stop talking about how black women are the lowest on the totem pole etc.  First of all you are what you say you are.  If you think and say you are on the bottom of the totem pole and nobody wants you or finds you desirable.  Then well duh you are going to self prophetically put youself on the bottom of the totem pople, you are going to have a hard time finding someone to love and desire you (and who wants someone who doesn’t love themself).   I’m not saying that we should just stay silent, but seriously we tell people too much. Do we really need to put things on blast. Written words as well as visual images hurt us. We must becareful of what we say to other people and the world. We are already suffering from the consequences of the Nothing But a Black Man that black women loved to say and some still to this day. We are hurting from those Rikki Lake, Jerry Springer etc. shows of black women crying on national tv asking for black men to come back home. Black women please show caution around people who have shown that they don’t have your best interest at heart whether they are strangers, friends or family. Let’s get out of this woa is me crap from this day forward.

Another thing is we also need to know about the psychological warfare being played on bw by dbrbm and their bw lackies. I’m not saying dwell on these men or even the bc. I’m saying know they are there and then work on getting yourself out situation damaging to your psyche.

Remember this is the first and very absolutely last time a video like this is posted. I am going to do like C.W. and have readers pledge not to post any of that mess here.

Why focus on fools like swp and the guy who made the video above when we have men willing to defend us such as


11 Responses to “Black Women’s Image We Control It No One Else!”

  1. Park Avenue Says:

    First of all, I loooove the title of your blog!

    I read your commentary & I think you’re spot on, especially the part about TV shows & prophetically receiving the things we talk about.

    I didn’t look at the first 2 videos, but I did watch the last one. That guy stated his case eloquently & look pretty cute doing it!

  2. Velour Says:

    Great, glad to see a site uplifting Black women…the more the merrier. I linked to you as soon as I saw it. Some Black women are drawn to negativity, unfortunately. They can’t stop listening to, watching and reading it, absorbing all of this negativity into their hearts and minds, and start believing what those mentally disturbed men are saying about them (i.e. unwanted, undesirable, etc.). THOSE men who speak that way are sick, mentally. Blaming women for their sickness is a typical tactic of an abuser. Nothing can be done about it, so what’s the sense of fighting with them, begging them to change, trying to reason with them? They won’t change – but they’ll bring these women down emotionally. They feed off of those women’s pain.

    I think these women should be AWARE of the psychological warfare so they can make an informed decision about their lives, but they should NOT let what is said weigh them down. It should be a motivation to throw off the chains these sick people have on them and fly free. I’m empathetic to, but can’t deal with, any woman who’s fighting gender wars, or allows insecurity to weigh her down. They have to be ready to move forward, to seek out positive things, to want help. I try to help by deconstructing arguments that lead to the mindset they’ve been brainwashed into, showing Black women being loved and appreciated, showing beautiful Black women, showing there are men out there if you overcome a certain brainwashed mindset and see that it’s ok to find love with someone who doesn’t share your color – but it’s up to them to make the decision to heal and be happy. They have to know they deserve it.

    I’ll tweet and FB your blog and share it with friends. 🙂

  3. bgurrl Says:

    I remember when I first read Dawnali’s site and the reason she created. She found the black women bashing videos by black men. It surprised her as it did me like it did her. She watch 1,000 videos of these and responded etc. and finally said forget it. That stuff is damaging to your self and well being. The utter hatred that these men show is disturbing. I think many bw were shocked because we didn’t realize the level of contempt that many had especially being raised around the black women in our own families. I know I began to wonder though (mainly because many hid behind logos, never showing their faces as the fool that made that video) how do we know that the men of our families aren’t making vids or blogs or websites of the same nature. Videos such as these Evia, Saras, Halimas blogs woke me up to something I knew was there, but just couldn’t put my finger on.

    Now though it’s time for bw and girls to wake up and take our own image back into our control

  4. Sky Says:

    Velour shared this site w/ me. This entire post was on point. I long stopped watching those vids on YT. I wasn’t necessarily watching them on a daily basis. The majority of the vids I couldn’t listen past 30 seconds. It was that awful. But it did wake me up as to why the majority of them act and feel this way. And I made no bones about it to stay. Instead I moved on. It was the best decision ever. And to be honest, I’ve always said that these bw bashing vids were the best thing to ever happen to black women. In many ways I think it answered many bw prayers as to why they can’t find the eglible bm they’ve been dreaming about, because now we can decided whether to stay and keep hope alive or simply move on. I chose to move on and have been happier since.

    I also don’t engage in these “Gender Wars”, which in my opinion was created and started by them (bm). Bw had never had a reason to go to war w/ them especially with their own men, who we’ve seen defend countless of times. I feel very sorry for the women who are waiting on that great hope, because its not going to happen. Not while they are blaming everything under the sun on bw(someting always told me they would move from wm to bw).

    For those who want to move forward…will. And those who don’t will fall behind playing the endless game of “Gender War”.

    I have also come to notice that many of those in the BC have a love/hate relationship with each other, just like an abuser, hoping that love will change him. Or in their case hoping that being submissive will change her. Everyone in that “war” is trying to change the other person, when its never going to happen. You have to change for yourself.

    I hope that this year many bw will simply stop arguing with these fools and do you! You made it far educationally and finciancially. You can make it spiritually and emotionally, but you have to stop listening to this cr*p that was made to lower yourself esteem and worth.

    They are working tirelessly day and night (literally) to make sure you don’t even entertain the thought of packing your stuff and moving onto a man who can possibly love you, help you live well, and give you your hearts desire. Stop letting them take control of your life just because you share the same skin color, because granted they would not be doing the same for you. Many of them bash bw and say in the same sentence how much they prefer latina/white/asian women. But are ready for war if you have the audacity to like latino/white/asian men.

    Sorry for talking some much but many thanks for creating this topic. It needed to be said.

  5. Sky Says:

    I also want to mention real quick that if you look at the comments from the video(bw bashing vid). No one is buying his cr*p. Only one idiot wrote something. But other than that…no.

  6. mndbnks Says:

    Yep these guys are a trip. But these men have been a great help to the movement. We should all thank the trolls who brought many black women and girls to sites like these (because many of those idiots linked the bwe sites in their messages.) also for all the black men who are fathers and other black men who are fathers of black wowen and girls and to those who are fathers to be to black women and girls. Also those videos are letting others see the chaos that is the bc and the ugliness shown to bw by bm.

  7. Jess Says:

    “keep your dark soul energies at bay because I will burn you with the light ”
    I found this qoute here:

  8. sabrina Says:

    Hello and thanks for discussing this issue black women have a uphill fight in combatting the unflattering images shown around the world about us because some of our enemies are disguised! I’m in mexico on my honeymoon and I met someone here in vacation who boasted about being a producer of reality shows this black women spoke proudly of shows like “flavor of love, I love new york” , frankie and neffe show and the bad girls club” I think that any producer bragging about being involved with those shows has lost their mind! Those shows are every negative stereotype of black women being confirmed, those shows are so bad that if a black woman on those shows is smart educated and intelligent she will be kicked off of their immediately the producers want ghetto hood rats who will start problems and fight at the drop of a hat! Those terrible images are shown all around the world. We should encourage all the people we can to boycott those shows and maybe they won’t be greenlighted then the more positive images might have a chance

  9. boomer babe Says:

    Yes these shows are shown worldwide thanks to the www. Black men weren’t always like this, but it got waaaay worse in the late eighties and nineties..I wish there would be more songwriters like Stevie Wonder and more singers like Teddy Pendergrass, etc. We gotta stop listening to Hip=Hop’s hypnotic beat while were called out of our name ;people have a sub-conscious mind y’know

  10. bgurrl Says:

    The reason I am not posting this is that this seems more to be a post trying to instigate something. Not happening on this blog. It’s not up to us to find out why men want one woman and not the other. Instead focus on the men who do show an interest in us.

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