Welcome to Black Women’s Time to Shine

Thanks for coming to my blog. I’ve seen so many videos, writings saying negative things about bw. I do not believe that we are at the bottom of the totem pole or any less beautiful, desirable or intelligent than any other woman. It is our time to shine. Black women keep thinking outside the box and if you haven’t there is nothing wrong in starting to now.

We should be able to travel wherever the hell we want and not have to give apologies because we decide to visit London, England, Switzerland instead of Africa or so called black countries. Travel to Jamaica if you want to not because of keeping it real etc. or the so called self hate of your color/race.

Men of all races find us attractive no matter what bm or the bc tell us day in and day out. Whatever you do get out of the matrix.

We have the Right to love and be loved by who we want not based on who others say we have to love or marry. We have the right to want to be married and a family.

We shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for wanting to marry up. We shouldn’t be punished for wanting to find men who are providers. We shouldn’t be called a gold-digger for doing what most women in the world think about when looking for a mate. Not saying the man has to be daddy Warbucks, but women shouldn’t feel guilty wanting a man who can be a great father, husband, provider, has an education whether self or formal.

It’s our time to shine!


10 Responses to “Welcome to Black Women’s Time to Shine”

  1. Pamela Says:

    I just married one on December 18:) I plan on shining until my dying day!!!!

    Looking forward to reading your blog. Just found out about it on Facebook.

  2. mndbnks Says:

    This is great. Another positive blog for bw

  3. The Star Blazer Says:

    There are a lot of charlatans masquerading as “empowerment” advocates for BW and commentators of questionable motives on said blogs too.

  4. natakalo Says:

    WOOT WOOOT!!!!

    I’m so excited for all your future blog posts!!!

  5. natakalo Says:

    WOOT WOOT!!!

    I can’t wait for all of your future blog posts!!! So excited!!!

  6. Jess Says:

    sorry, but I dont like Dawn Ali’s sight “loving my sisters”…it’s so freaking negative. I think one of the black women bashers are behind the scenes trying to make bw feel low and unwanted. On her main page she says that bw are on the bottom of the dating pole and else where says we are least desired. Lets focuss on the positive and who wants us and stop worrying about men who dont PREFER us. THere is a vid on youtube by Lovelyti called “it’s my preference, I dont date dark skinned girls”<—now that is a must see ladies!!!

  7. Jess Says:

    congrats on your wedding Pamela!

  8. Jess Says:

    I love this POSITIVE site and I will be comming back often. I’m so proud of all of my smart black sisters!

  9. bgurrl Says:

    Sorry for not commenting or new posts lately. I’ve been busy with school.

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