There is Nothing Wrong With Choosing Quality  Please whatever you do at least read How to Meet The Rich (very good book)

Okay I not saying that a woman has to marry a rich man.  He can be of modest means, but why is it that when a woman wants to marry well that she is ridiculed. This happens whether it’s about the man being financially stable ( has job, knows how to handle money, has plans) or his education.  I went to a site advertising Lisa Mandells Hong K ong How to Snare a Millionaire class and on the website it was mostly she’s a gold-digger, money isn’t the only thing that can make you happy and even more dumb comments.   Finally someone pointed out that their great-grandmother always taught them that you can fall in love and marry a rich man as easy as you can date and marry a poor one.   One thing I did notice is that it was mostly men complaining.  My thought on that one is that most of these men think or even know they might not measure up with women looking for quality men whether they are rich or of modest means.  But isn’t it funny how men love to call women gold-diggers (and then get mad when their daughters date a guy below their level) , but go after women because of looks.  Not only that how many times have we heard the story who marries the bosses daughter or even a woman so he can work for her fathers company and later take the reigns etc.? 

Yes women around the world have this negative view put on them, but notice how many of those same men wouldn’t let their daughters marrying the garbage man after he’s encouraged her to get an education.  This same goes with black men.  Becareful because yes Steve Harvey might be telling you one thing and be telling his own daughter something else.  That’s the reason I am always careful when men start complaining about books like the Rules, Why Men Love/Marry bitches saying a man wouldn’t want a woman playing hard to get he would lose interest then low and behold he has dumped the woman who listened to him and went after the girl who followed such methods.  Women of other cultures might get this same stigma, but it especially hard on black women.  We are accused of being a gold-digger (which I don’t understand because we make most of the moolah anyway), too picky (well see we are not giving that uneducated “brotha” a chance) looking for men who are either educated formally or informally etc. Don’t get me started on the stupid videos about bw looking for educated men etc. Yes there are white men who say this. Do you think most women especially the educated ones listen to them? I had a cultural anthropology teacher last semester (bm, well I think biracial) and he pointed out to the class that no matter what men like to think no non-educated or educated woman is not going to consider education when it comes to marrying a man. She is thinking of not only her life, but the life of her future offspring.

Since I said I won’t post a negative video there was a vid saying fallacies of black women wanting to mary well.  I clicked out of it before the man even started really talking.  But I did see a comment that I agreed with.  The commenter said the problem is that black women aren’t as covert about it as other women are.  I do have to agree.  I think we need to be more covert.  It’s sort of like when you want to start a business or do something new.  Sometimes the worse people to tell are the people close to you.  I’m not saying act like you don’t want quality, but becareful who you tell of your plans.  Even worse detractors can be your own friends especially you are expanding your options, are happy and they are not because they bought into the indocrination.  Don’t worry it though we are still learning and growing.  But do remember you don’t talk to about about Doing the Rules, the Four Man Plan, Why Men Love Bitches or any method of the sort you just do them.  Books like The Rules is another topic for a post in the near future.


7 Responses to “There is Nothing Wrong With Choosing Quality”

  1. mndbnks Says:

    Thank you, Sara, Evia and many others who have touched on this. I think the main reason this has happened is because today women get with men below their level. Men were taught to plan for life etc. home, family kids etc. before even consider dating or really courting a girl to marriage. Plus women used to vet the hell out of men or at least mostly fathers (men know how boys/men are because they were at one time boys and know that even grown men still think like teenage hormone driven boys etc.) Dad would evaluate the hell out of guys and put a fool in his place when it came to his little girl.

    Think about why women in the 90’s hell even 2000’s needed a book like the Rules (There is an older book The Technique of a Love Affair by Doris Langley Moore written in the 20’s)

    Now days any old fool thinks he can date any girl. Some even try to guilt women if the woman says she’s looking for a man with an education etc. So many men got filtered out. These would have been the men that today call us this and that on YT and other websites. But don’t worry this to shall pass.

    What we have to do is take our feminine power back. When that happens we will be a force to be wreckened with.

  2. mndbnks Says:

    Oh and I forgot to mention I am reading How to Meet the Rich. I found it at the library. Great book indeed. Didn’t realize men had to worry about attire as much as women. I think I like the Old Money and the practical new rich, but I like the old money way more. The others are not my cup of tea.

  3. Park Avenue Says:

    I read The Rules & thought it was great. Definitely going to look for the other books.

    Thanks for the videos!

  4. scificrazy Says:

    You know what I find funny is how people like to point out books like these as satire, but what they don’t realize is that satire usually has a basis in truth that is being exposed. “” Satire is a form of comedy that ridicules its subject (individuals, organizations or countries) with a view to encouraging change.””

    Satire is used to expose something about different societies. With Gulliver’s Travels it was British Society/ and man in general etc.

    What I find funny about people mentioning the satire/parody/comedy all in fun stuff is that what people don’t realize is that you can tell people by making it a joke or funny. It’s funny because these people are probably being given valuable information that could actually be used, but they don’t realize it because it’s in the form of comedy. I think that is absolutely clever. I think The Rules wouldn’t have been as controversial had it been hidden in comedy because people would have seen it as just fgood old entertaining laugh out loud fun.

    • bgurrl Says:

      That’s what I think about books like The Official Preppy Handbook. Many of these joke books give you a look in these worlds and even tell you how to get in. Funny thing is since people think it’s just a joke they don’t take it seriously. I agree if The Rules had been seen as a silly joke type of book people would laugh it off. I also agree that the best way to tell the truth is to tell it in a joke.

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