Patti Stanger on TYRA

So Yes I watched Tyra Friday(way rare for me). The only reason is because Patti Stanger was on there as well as Nitro from American Gladiator (was my fav gladiator) who was talking about his addiction to steriods and the effects it has on not only men, but women as well.  Anyway Patti  gave some great advice. Her book is on my wishlist. I love her show Millionaire Matchmaker.  Only thing I have a bit of a prob with is the hair part.  But as Zabeth said we have to remember she doesn’t know or understand that’s a hot topic with in the AA community.

Who would have though that NY is the worst place to be for a single woman. 5 women to 1 man or something like that.


Hair Propaganda, Negatvity, Disrespect Will Not be Tolerated!!!!!!!

I’m going to warn everyone now!  I’m like Khadija in that I don’t tolerate hair propaganda or on my blog. I don’t tolerate negativity on it either. So that means no woa as me, black women at the bottom of the totem pole stuff either. So if this doesn’t fit with liking, thinking, element.  Then this blog is not for you. That means no natural vs. straight or processes or whatever. No black women wanting to be like white women or other women because they were weave and ish like that. Again no black women are at the bottom of the totem pole, black women are undesirable etc. This blog is to uplift black women not tear them down.   No light-skinned vs. Darkskinned mess will be tolerated.  Again if this blog is not for you then please find a blog that is. And if conversations go in this route know that they will not be tolerated and deleted. If it keeps going on the person will be banned from the blog.

I try to stay off of black men as much as possible as this is a blog dedicated to the upliftment of black women.  So please respect that or leave.

How to Protect Our Image

Petitions  (petition on twitter. Didn’t think of that. Maybe this could also work with Myspace, Facebook etc.) (It’s pay though)

Something to think about with internet and email petitions

I don’t look at these as saying e petitions are bad. To me it just tells me that we have to find ways to make sure we are effective with e petitions.

Here’s a Petition for BET to change it’s images of black people  or should we say bw.  (I was actually surprised there were so many signatures)  (for YT Videos that Bash Black Women)  (petition info on gov action)$FILE/How%20to%20Start%20a%20Movement.pdf  (focus is on aids, but could be used to start any movement)  (crazy,could be used to show how social movements can form)

I totally agree with his comment “Keith Barger
3 June 2009 at 11:47 am #
1st guy joined – nothin. But 2nd guy joined – BINGO!
2nd guy was the guy with influence. The guy whose friends will follow wherever he goes.
You gotta find that 2nd guy.”


Not a fan of TP, but I have to say that this is a good idea  though we need to do this to black people degrading just as much as white people or non-black peple degrading black women.

We could also start a women’s political party for bw

I also wonder if having a form of tea parties is a good idea not sure thought, because protests can turn into ralleys and ralleys can get ugly

A good way to chat everyone has different IM’s or none at all is Chatzy. There are also other sources for chat

Sorry for all the links. I just think this is a great idea. What ideas does everyone else have?

Why The Sistah’s Rules is Crap .  I made the mistake of reading the Sistah’s Rules by Denene Millner a while ago. 

I remember feeling that something about the book didn’t feel right.  I remember someone else in the BWE mentioning how jacked up this book is, but I can’t remember who. Hmmm could have been because the way author tells black women that what works on a white man or other men won’t work on a black man.  In other words she encouraging black women to give it up to keep the man. She wrote it as a black version of The Rules as written by Ellein Fein. Women I will tell you know if you see that book run the other way. I remember thinking why would I want a bm if I have to give it up to him to keep him.  That doesn’t sound like a gbm to me.  I think as bw we really have to becareful of these black versions of white and other non-black authors.  I finally read the Rules and saw that Ellen feins version was way better. It doesn’t matter the race because men are men just like women are women. We may have our culture, society etc. differences, but we have many similarities as well. That is mos def a dangerous book for young women.

Excommunicate Today

A.M.O.P.S. – Defending the Honor of Black Women

I believe in the whole excommunicating people even bw if we have to, but not just bw, but bm, am,wm,ww, corporations etc. I’ve always believed that the only way to keep black women away from sterotypical roles is to shame. I know people will think that’s harsh, but think about how many children are taught. They know it would shame, dissapoint, and hurt their parents, family, friends etc. who worked hard to get them an education and opportunities. They know that these people expect the best of them so that’s what they give them. I believe we should excommunicate Hollywood any movie, music, other media, businesses etc. that sterotypes us. That also means excommunicating friends, family etc. which will be hard, but if you have to do it. Excommunicate your time, your support, your dollars. Do it now! You should be getting toxic people out of your lives anyway. That’s another post.

Black superhero Series Created by a Black Woman
Teresa Dowell-Vest created her own superheroes for the AA audience. She is looking for donations to help her series get off the ground. Anyway check it out. We need all the positive images we can get.

Everyone who reads this post please spread the word by posting this on your.   Sort of like a tag game.  Or more precicely the Filipino Tag Game on YT.  If you read it post it on your blog then send and email informing someone else and ask them to put it on theirs and so on.  I guess it’s also sort of like a chain.  The person you send it to has to do the same with another blog, website etc.  Oh and I nearly forgot you can repost this whole posting on your site.  I have not problem with it.

BWWM-BWIR Research for Story Ideas

First I emailed CS1 and she said yes she would like to do a post on the production code (not sure when though).

She also asked I could post on my site a call for information

” Hey everyone! I want to write an bwirr period piece. I have checked out the loving site for irr legalities of states in the past. I also realize there were probably relationships and families even when it was illegal. I have been wanting to do this for a while now. I want to write a story possibly a screenplay, maybe a novel that has bwirr in it (not sure of the time yet). Only problem is I am having a hard time finding stories about ir in the past. I know it went on because Evia had a couple of posts of bwwm from the 50’s. I also know that there were bm-ir (frontier house) tv series bm-ww so I know there had to be stories of the reverse. The book Having our Say even shows that there were bw-wm couples. Of course we can’t forget the Wedding. If anyone has any information with articles, websites, books etc. Please email me at