Parallel Tales, Dysfunctional Wails, Love in Black and White and Not Everything Nice

Does anyone notice something with these four movies? Yes they were made in different decades, but there is something sinister hidden between the lines. Look at the first two movies then at the last two movies and what do you notice? Well I will tell you what I notice. I see two of these movies in which black women fall in love with a man outside of their race or goodness forbid find a man of quality no matter the race.  Then the next movies they do are bw/bm, but these black men they have as co-stars can co-star up and fall in love with ww and other non-bw, but we are stigmatized.  I say time to nip that crap in the bud!  Seriously Whitney gets a movie like The Bodyguard and then Waiting to Exhale about black women ending up alone and then accepting that as the black woman’s fate.  Are you freaking kidding me?  I do have to say I love the fact that she went on to do The Preachers Wife (love both the original and the remake) Same with Saana.  She gets a role in which she finds a quality man who happens to be white and then is cast in other movies along side white men and other non-bm.  How she is paid back in return is a role in which she an educated black woman (because remember educated black women and men are villified in TPs movies even black people who were in denial are waking up to this fact) marries a man below her level and to top that off he hits her and her family does nothing, cause she know she done did him wrong.  WTF?  Pardon my French, but WTF!

It’s like Saana is being punished for not keeping with movies like

 or A. k. A. We all know that wasn’t no act of love in that movie.  That was more like a black women being encouraged to take dbrbm’s ish.  The title Disappearing Acts is more appropriate (being that that was the movies title as well.)  I wonder why the change?   As someone stated before we all know that had this story been about a white woman her man leaving would have hurt, but been a bump in the road and she would have found someone else who would have fallen in love with both her and the child her after her loser ex leaves them behind.  We get Snipes and ww get Scott how freaking unfair is that?  I mean seriously the character has a dbag of a husband who leaves her because their baby didn’t come out perfect and have a short time to live.  Her brother in-law (yeah I know it’s like what, but hey I can look past that one in this movie it’s Campbell Scott for goodness sakes!) who is a doctor knows more about the child than her own ex.  He has the audacity to want to come back, but wait to get married or have a serious relationship until the child dies so he can start over like she never existed.  She basically lets this dbr know it ain’t happening and thats where the doc comes in.  Now we all know that ww would not put up with crap like Disappearing Acts or Act of Love (it’s trying to call itself. haaa, lol).  We need to let these movies and books of this ilk die.  I love Terry M., but seriously her books, the movies the books were adapted from are so messed up and damaging.  I was young so I didn’t appreciate movies like Stella Got Her Grove Back etc. Well that’s not true, because I loved movies like Frankie and Johnny ( I don’t know how many times I watched that movie) and more mature adult romances.  I think many of the movies like Waiting to Exhale, Stella Got Her Grove Back, DA and others I knew no I felt that something wasn’t right.  I was too young to put my finger on it, but now that I am older I can see these relationship stories were way dysfuntional.  There’s nothing wrong with a little dysfunction in some drama, because it wouldn’t be drama without some jackedupocity, but damn.

 I can only imagine what would have happened with Whit if she had stayed in Hollywood.  Both of these bw and many other aspiring actresses need to look at Whoopi.   man I love that movie. She has done movies with wm as well as bm love interests, but I have yet to really notice her do something like TFTP’s etc.  I hope she stays away from that as well.  I say if they have to go to she small H’wood film or independent film route then for goodness sakes go that route please!


2 Responses to “Parallel Tales, Dysfunctional Wails, Love in Black and White and Not Everything Nice”

  1. sky Says:

    So glad you mentioned this. Which is why I love the roles Whoopi Goldberg and Halle Berry has choosen, although I don’t remember too many happy endings w/ the roles Halle Berry has chosen, but she does play different roles and not the same ol same ol.

    If you think the movies are bad, you should see the plays that TP and other’s like him “What She Wants” starring Vivica A. Fox, queen of independent bw films (lol, although i love her spunk). But seriously those films need to be killed. I never liked them. I’m really hoping the new generation of bw (Zoe Salanda) stay away from those films and continue to broaden their horizon on the stage.

  2. Valerie Says:

    I have to say, thank you Jesus!!! for someone speaking out! This is what I have felt for years. I like to go and see black films and I am to be very disappointed with the quality, they are very bad and not uplifting at all. ‘Blackwomen must have drama’. That is why I have to write my stories and starting my own magazine, because there is so much rubbish. Black women are so much more. Thank God for Whoopi and Zoe Salanda and other upcoming black actresses and I pray and hope they continue show more different roles for black women. There are millions of black women who are married, successful with children and they live sane and wonderful lives. Again thank you for your thread, it is excellent.

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