Fight for the Image of Black Women! This Means WAR!

After learning about the John Mayer comments I won’t be listening to him anymore.  That would be like supporting a pedophile (R. Kelly anyone?) I’m sorry, but I support those who respect us .  I don’t mind if he’s not into black women, but his comments show that he has no respect for black women and women in general.  He’s a dbrjm, dbrwm, and just a dbr in general.  Too much media attention on these fools gives good men and women a bad name.  That’s why I’m so sick of this so called New Hollywood.  Anyways ladies don’t let this fool make you feel that all white men or non-bm think this way. 

This is just one man stating his opinion.  Frankly I don’t even think he should have commented.  Also the question should never been asked anyway.  I mean seriously where did that question come from?  Personally I think it’s just a new covert way for the media to defame black women.  But that’s okay, because I am seriously thinking about leaving Hollywood’s ass alone. 

Frankly I’m all for leaving Hollywood’s ass.  There are other media out there besides Hollywood.  Everyone check out  Cool blog she advocates black women creating our own movie industry and I’m with her on that.  We need to boycott the Hell out of Hollywood by making our own movies.

Frankly I also believe that Hollywood would be better if it would go back to the way old Hollywood used to be.   People complained about the conservativeness of old Hollywood, but who do we respect more the Carey Grants, Clarke Gables, Claudette Cloberes, Audrey Hepburns, Grace Kelleys, Doris Days and believe me some of these people had some love triangles, drug and alcohol addictions and others, but they did not air their laundry all over the street for everyone to see and hear (unless it was around their peers of course).  Now compare that with the Hiltons, Lohans, Mayers etc.  When I was younger I thought they 1930’s Hayes Production Code was ridiculous, but after reading it I think something like that needs to come back.  Yes there are things in it that are ridiculous like no interracial relationships etc., but it demanded that if you talked about another culture, religion you give it respect.   I look at the pre-code era and while they had cool movies I often wonder what would Hollywood have been like now if the code hadn’t been imposed in the 30’s.  Looking at how movies and other media I think it would be ten times worse.  One big rule I would add is that if special effects don’t move the story then you don’t need  I’m actually quite surprised at how many people agree that the movie industry is going to far and if we aren’t careful will be almost at a point of no return.

To check out the Hayes Code

I’m actually hoping that coolsplash talks about this on her blog. Mainly because she mentioned The Genius of the System about the old Hollywood Studio System. In fact I am going to ask her if she will do a post on it. Here’s hoping.

Also there are many bw who are worried that wm and other non-bm will start treating us as bm do.  All I have to say on that one (because yes this is one of my fears too) is that we have to remember to vet the hell out of all men.  No matter what the race be they black, white, asian, yak we need to vet.

Someone proposed a league similar to what Jews have  I am all for an anti defamation league for bw.  Maybe it’s the mean streak in me, but I’m all for some people losing their jobs if we have to go there like Don Imus (and making sure that job is gone).  Ruin some careers if we have too.  I know that sounds harsh, but as bw we don’t have the protections of other women so we probably will have to get hardcore in a way people degrading and disrespecting us will mos def not want coming their way.


6 Responses to “Fight for the Image of Black Women! This Means WAR!”

  1. Valerie Says:

    Totally agree with you John Mayer is a rude, vulgar and disgraceful man and he has no respect for women.

  2. Dee Says:

    I am also sick of the nonsense. Why does it seem we are on everyone’s radar these days? What’s behind all this un-asked for, unnecessary negative attention?

  3. Betty Chambers Says:

    I wrote and posted on my blog about Pepsico STILL working with JM. Seems they have some project joining on with him. I demanded them drop him.

    I agree with you. Enough is enough. I feel very spiteful. If no other group lets themselves get this kind of disrespect, I’m not putting up with it either.

  4. bgurrl Says:

    Let it be known that any business that associates with that man has lost be as a customer.

  5. Selena Says:

    I totally agree. I posted something like this on Zabeth’s blog lconcerning the latest hip-hop documentary.

    The only way to let folks know that we’re not playing is to start some class action suits!

  6. boomer babe Says:

    Hip-Hop rap crap is hypnotic . All music is. I don’t care how you ‘dig’ the sound and beat, most of it was ALWAYS ANTI BLACK WOMEN and it’s up to us, with money and clout, to get MEN to start singing GOOD love songs ‘a la Nat King Cole’ etc. The reason I say men, is because men are the initiators in the relationships. If we initiate, it isn’t right in the long run..Women singers should be the ‘responders’ not the initiators because it makes the mens role passive as heck [Beyonce’s ALL THE SINGLE LADIES is just the tip of the iceburg]……..and most songs are about ‘hooking up’ and anger, anyway today

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