Black superhero Series Created by a Black Woman
Teresa Dowell-Vest created her own superheroes for the AA audience. She is looking for donations to help her series get off the ground. Anyway check it out. We need all the positive images we can get.

Everyone who reads this post please spread the word by posting this on your.   Sort of like a tag game.  Or more precicely the Filipino Tag Game on YT.  If you read it post it on your blog then send and email informing someone else and ask them to put it on theirs and so on.  I guess it’s also sort of like a chain.  The person you send it to has to do the same with another blog, website etc.  Oh and I nearly forgot you can repost this whole posting on your site.  I have not problem with it.


6 Responses to “Black superhero Series Created by a Black Woman”

  1. K. Michel Says:

    Wow, this is actually pretty tough Miss bgurrl. I’ll spread the word… is this a movie or comic? Do you know?

    -K. Michel of K. Michel Press

  2. Valerie Says:

    I wish her every success!

  3. Terésa Dowell-Vest Says:

    Thank you ALL!!! I’m just now seeing this page!!! We begin filming in October! So much has happened in the last year! Join us at, and follow us on Twitter @genesisthemovie!!

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