BWWM-BWIR Research for Story Ideas

First I emailed CS1 and she said yes she would like to do a post on the production code (not sure when though).

She also asked I could post on my site a call for information

” Hey everyone! I want to write an bwirr period piece. I have checked out the loving site for irr legalities of states in the past. I also realize there were probably relationships and families even when it was illegal. I have been wanting to do this for a while now. I want to write a story possibly a screenplay, maybe a novel that has bwirr in it (not sure of the time yet). Only problem is I am having a hard time finding stories about ir in the past. I know it went on because Evia had a couple of posts of bwwm from the 50’s. I also know that there were bm-ir (frontier house) tv series bm-ww so I know there had to be stories of the reverse. The book Having our Say even shows that there were bw-wm couples. Of course we can’t forget the Wedding. If anyone has any information with articles, websites, books etc. Please email me at


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