How to Protect Our Image

Petitions  (petition on twitter. Didn’t think of that. Maybe this could also work with Myspace, Facebook etc.) (It’s pay though)

Something to think about with internet and email petitions

I don’t look at these as saying e petitions are bad. To me it just tells me that we have to find ways to make sure we are effective with e petitions.

Here’s a Petition for BET to change it’s images of black people  or should we say bw.  (I was actually surprised there were so many signatures)  (for YT Videos that Bash Black Women)  (petition info on gov action)$FILE/How%20to%20Start%20a%20Movement.pdf  (focus is on aids, but could be used to start any movement)  (crazy,could be used to show how social movements can form)

I totally agree with his comment “Keith Barger
3 June 2009 at 11:47 am #
1st guy joined – nothin. But 2nd guy joined – BINGO!
2nd guy was the guy with influence. The guy whose friends will follow wherever he goes.
You gotta find that 2nd guy.”


Not a fan of TP, but I have to say that this is a good idea  though we need to do this to black people degrading just as much as white people or non-black peple degrading black women.

We could also start a women’s political party for bw

I also wonder if having a form of tea parties is a good idea not sure thought, because protests can turn into ralleys and ralleys can get ugly

A good way to chat everyone has different IM’s or none at all is Chatzy. There are also other sources for chat

Sorry for all the links. I just think this is a great idea. What ideas does everyone else have?


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