Hair Propaganda, Negatvity, Disrespect Will Not be Tolerated!!!!!!!

I’m going to warn everyone now!  I’m like Khadija in that I don’t tolerate hair propaganda or on my blog. I don’t tolerate negativity on it either. So that means no woa as me, black women at the bottom of the totem pole stuff either. So if this doesn’t fit with liking, thinking, element.  Then this blog is not for you. That means no natural vs. straight or processes or whatever. No black women wanting to be like white women or other women because they were weave and ish like that. Again no black women are at the bottom of the totem pole, black women are undesirable etc. This blog is to uplift black women not tear them down.   No light-skinned vs. Darkskinned mess will be tolerated.  Again if this blog is not for you then please find a blog that is. And if conversations go in this route know that they will not be tolerated and deleted. If it keeps going on the person will be banned from the blog.

I try to stay off of black men as much as possible as this is a blog dedicated to the upliftment of black women.  So please respect that or leave.


8 Responses to “Hair Propaganda, Negatvity, Disrespect Will Not be Tolerated!!!!!!!”

  1. Jess Says:

    OMG! thank you for saying this. I am NOT at the bottom of any dang pole!:)

  2. Sky Says:

    yes thank you for saying it. I really want to know why some black women are repeating this mess over and over again that they are less than everyone else? I never grew up that way. It really sad to read and at the same time it angers me. Like “how dare you say that and I think im there w/ you!!!!”

    Thanks again.

  3. Chidi Says:

    I am so happy about your blog esp. about the bottom of the pole thing. I am a huge believer in the law of attraction, and if you think it, then you are that. I am not better than anybody but nobody is higher than me. Much love and respect to you.

  4. Velouroyale Says:

    I can’t stand “whoa is me, everyone hates Black women” talk, either. Those who think that way need to heal and move forward. If they’re going to dwell in a negative mindset, then they shouldn’t bring it to places and people who are positive or trying to empower themselves. I’ve never felt that men didn’t want me, and men have never treated me that way. I’ve never had trouble attracting men of any group. Those women attract negative energy and people because that’s what they choose to allow in. When I read too much self-pity and little or no attempt to take action to better their circumstances on a place for Black women, I leave. That includes Black women who are still trying to convince Black men to “change” and stop hurting them.

    I have no problem with someone talking about issues they may deal with other groups, including Black men, that may inspire them to want to empower themselves…the only thing I don’t like to see is for them to hold out hope that Black men will “change” and start loving them or “come back home.” Instead of me, you or anyone begging, hoping or demanding that someone else (including Black men) do something for us, we have to do something for ourselves. We can’t change others, but we can change our own mindsets, our own actions and reactions (or start taking action). WE control our own destiny and are responsible for it.

    As for the hair thing…lol…I hate group think. I considered “going natural” at one time because I liked Rachel True’s hairstyles – but when it became a groupthink thing, with brainwashing propaganda about what we are or aren’t if we don’t follow their lead, I changed my mind. My relaxed hair is now a political statement against these Black groupthink people. 🙂 I think of hair as just fashion (I make unique styles, usually, too unless I’m lazy)…I won’t allow people to tell me what I think of myself or that I’m stupid.

    Dark-skinned/light-skinned Black women debates is simply stupid. It was created by “some” Black men to divide and conquer. When they attack each other, it’s just playing into other people’s hands.

  5. Velouroyale Says:

    “Those women attract negative energy and people because that’s what they choose to allow in.”

    What I was saying here is that a lot of these women love to spend their time on forums, YouTube videos, blogs or websites that tear down Black women. They absorb all of this negative energy and it gives them a negative outlook on life, prospects and takes away their hope. Predators sense that and are attracted to them, and these women accept it because that’s what they feel they deserve.

    • bgurrl Says:

      I love this post by Halima on this very issue. There are a few forums, yahoo clubs I had to leave for this very reason. The whole woa is me wm and other non-black men don’t want bw on a bw ir site even though others told them the contrary. The sad thing is the people took over and even the ones with clear heads followed suite. Half the time the person was repeating the same mistakes with a current relationship that they commited in the past. All that negative energy had me feeling like crap. Every time I went they were asking do these men find us attractive etc. I had to say goodbye to many of them. And there is a new one that might have to go out of my sphere as well.

  6. bwmm Says:

    Thank you I wish I would have posted something like this on my blog a while ago. I just had to ban my first troll. It’s crazy how they come in acting like they are geniune when they are just trying to derail your topic.

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