Patti Stanger on TYRA

So Yes I watched Tyra Friday(way rare for me). The only reason is because Patti Stanger was on there as well as Nitro from American Gladiator (was my fav gladiator) who was talking about his addiction to steriods and the effects it has on not only men, but women as well.  Anyway Patti  gave some great advice. Her book is on my wishlist. I love her show Millionaire Matchmaker.  Only thing I have a bit of a prob with is the hair part.  But as Zabeth said we have to remember she doesn’t know or understand that’s a hot topic with in the AA community.

Who would have though that NY is the worst place to be for a single woman. 5 women to 1 man or something like that.


One Response to “Patti Stanger on TYRA”

  1. Park Avenue Says:

    I really like Patti Stanger, too. Although she says things that I don’t always agree with, she knows her matchmaking stuff.

    I read her book a couple of months back. It was pretty good.

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