Do You Think Chivalry is Dead or Should Die?


The post has me thinking about new ideas of gender in the world. Well at least in the U. S.? Do you think Chivalry should die or do you think it should stay? What are your thoughts.


Teacher Brings Back Chivalry in the Classroom

This is an interesting article. What I have a problem with is when you have women who complain that girls are not opening doors or seating boys as they do us. The male teacher even stated that boys don’t generally like when girls do this. I try not to open doors for men that much as I have been given back handed comments. At first  I thought I was being complemented then I realized I was being insulted. I agree girls should show respect as they are being respected.  Even Emily Posts descendant is saying that because women being in the workplace that what Emily Post wrote is outdated/old fashioned of course there are somethings in Emily’s Post’s 1922 that might not fit with today as that our culture has changed, but I don’t believe that chivalry will really tie.  What I’ve been noticing is that many women have this idea that women should do things that men do as in masculine things.  I don’t think we should.  We are women and feminine.  We should bring our feminine ideas of respect etc. than just copy what the men do.  Men and women think very different, react differently etc.  IDK the man saying that boys/men generally don’t like girls doing things like opening doors, pulling seats out etc. should tell women something.  Isn’t it ironic that a woman who grew up during women’s lib stated that at first she was skeptical, but if her daughters getting respect she’s all for it.  I think many of these organizations have a huge disconnect with everyday people. 

What does everyone else think?

Hyenas in Tanuki’s Clothing


                                                                                                              Tanuki’s are so freaking cutteee!!!! 

“Posted 10/25/07 4:00 PM
NOT Exclusivity per TR: just a man being slippery to get SEX
Bootcamp post by BERRYSWEETGIRL – 01:18am Oct 24, 2007 PST (# 1829 of 1849)


Oh man. This one is pretty huge. I’m going to try and tackle this one section.

> “I also had a conversation when sex was initiated that I “didn’t feel ready to get serious like that”… he said he was confused….”

Ha! He was not “confused.” He knew exactly what you meant.

lol. Poor baby, so confused.

> “i said “well, there are three things I require to be in that space with someone… exclusivity, longevity, commitment”…”

You’re giving him the “I’m a Good Girl,” speech. Men are not impressed by this. Nothing you say will convince him of your high morality or virtue. Either you waited to do the deed or you didn’t.

> “he asked me what I meant and I explained…”

For gods sake, HE KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT. No man needs these things “explained.”

He is playing stupid, and that’s a bad sign. If he plays stupid, it’s so he can come back later and claim he “didn’t understand,” and that you “didn’t explain it clear enough.”

(Me Gronk. Me no understand. Duh. Dur. Drool.)

> “He said he wasn’t seeing anyone else, that I was the only one”

This is him being slippery. He didn’t agree not to see other people. He said he wasn’t seeing other people …right now. Turns out Gronk has two brain cells to rub together after all.

You do not wait until you are naked in bed with a man to try and extract promises of exclusivity from him. Men see this as blackmail.

You wait to have sex until the man ALL ON HIS OWN is asking for exclusivity. You should be fully clothed, during daylight hours, and nowhere near your bedroom when this happens.

However, this does not mean you necessarily grant him the exclusivity. He should just be wanting it very badly, and begging to have you all to himself. Hold out until a marriage proposal is just around the corner. (Or until the actual proposal.)

You need to take back the exclusivity. It’s a shifty, shaky, sort-of, kind-of, exclusivity anyway. And worst – IT WAS NOT HIS IDEA.

When you pull back, he will immediately suspect it’s because your ex is back in the picture. I am weirded out about the ex staying with you. However I believe he is providing good competition. It may be the only reason this guy hasn’t poofed.”

Don’t get me wrong love Hyenas.  Who would have thought these cutely weird look dudes are closely related to mongoose and meerkats

Pay Attention to What he Does! It’s Prophecy!

“Why women should never pay for dates no matter what he says:

He is telling you TO YOUR FACE he will NOT be held financially responsible for any children that might result from the union.

If a man won’t even buy your dinner, why on earth makes you think he will pay for things like Diapers, Braces, and College Tuition?

He won’t.

Because he is fundamentally selfish down to his very core.

Here is another one to pay attention to ladies – ignore it at your own peril:


These men are often con and rip-off artists, living in the shadow of fear that they might one day get back some of their own.

A little checking will reveal a whole string of people this man owes money to.”

You’re Not My Preference, But Wink

 This goes for eHarmony and chemistry (Ironic that it’s their ad about Eharmony’s rejections.  This also goes for other dating sites. 

This is a great post. And on that note I have something to say in regards to black not being checked on dating sites. I know some have stated that give a man a chance. Many white, Asian etc. don’t know black women may be interested in them, but I say please to that. I’m sorry, but if he didn’t check all or checked everything but black don’t be trying to wink or make any contact with me. The man has already stated that I am not a preference. He wants to talk to me there is something called editing your profile. Even then I don’t know if I will talk to them.

There is something about black women being encouraged to respond to men that do this on Eharmony and other dating sites that just rub me the wrong way. It for one makes us look like we will put up with anything. Think about it. These men would never have to say they have a preference for us, because they know we’d respond to give them the so-called benefit of the doubt. So you never know if they really have a preference for black women.  Please not me honey!  Better take that wink for someone checked on the box!   If I see in the profile the blurb on what a guy likes and he goes on about dating ww, latina, asian etc., but hasn’t stated in his little blurb that he also would like to date black women or he doesn’t say has no particular preference I am not commenting. He better find someone else cause it ain’t bgurrl.

Actually that’s what gets me about Eharmony and similar sites.  If it’s all about matching people on compatibility, likes, values etc. then why is race even considered?  I mean what does race have to do with values.  Now yes there can be differences from cultures and also the way a certain race is treated in society, but still many are compatible when it comes values etc.   

It’s just something degenerating of a man who has preferences checked, that are anything, but black, but want to wink at black women. I say leave those men a lone. If they are genuine then as I said there is something called editing their profile.

What’s Up With Hollywood

When I watch a movie or tv show I want drama (and I don’t mean of the jacked up variety) that’s what I came for.   Even comedy has drama.  Actors take human emotion and exaggerate them.  I don’t mind an idea of being someone what realistic, but drama isn’t supposed to be realistic.  It’s supposed to make us believe that something that isn’t real, isn’t how someone would act or talk in the real world feels real.  We are able to suspend disbelief.  I mean seriously do people really think that Clark Cable, Cary Grant and hordes of actors from the golden age of Hollywood really acted and talked that way.  Yes some actually may have as accents and ways of speech change.  But who has perfect speech? Who has perfect dialogue?  If we really wanted realism in movies and tv (Hollywood) then when boy meets girl girl screws up boy leaves then in real life boy don’t come back like some mushy I’m sorry I was a fool and he comes back, and vice versa.  If a guy is coming back to a girl he broke up with especially if it’s over and over it’s right to assume he’s been a looking and didn’t find someone so he came back.  That’s not what people want to see, but acting etc. has to be so called realistic.

Maybe it’s nostalgia.  I don’t know, but there is something about old movies especially when it comes to intimacy (not sex yau’ll)  In todays movies and tv (save for some soaps) it’s like people are afraid to be dramatic especially when it comes to love, hate etc.  That’s why I started watching Bollywood films (they can be over the and now they are gaining this style.  I recently watched the 1940 Pride and Prejudice with Laurence Olivier (seriously they were wrong for the That wasn’t regency) but I watched this movie ( dude was a cuttie) LO was a damn good actor.   This was the age when Hollywood mostly starred theatre actors in their films.  Liev Schreiber whom I’ve loved since he was Cotton in Scream is also a theatrical actor.  I’ve often wondered if maybe he doesn’t want to act in Hollywood.  He has been offered roles by top theatres why the hell would he want to mess with Hollywood.  And seriously he looks like a grown man (I also wonder if that factors into it.)

What’s up with these men that look like little boys?  When I see a romance film or any film that is about adults for that matter give me a man that looks like a man.  That goes for women too.  Give me grown up stories.  Not stories that are about adult men child and women.

You’ve always had star to sell a movie, but have you noticed that people are just cast to bring in the dollars.  Even when they really aren’t suited for the parts.   Many times now days they are too young to play some parts ala Superman.

Attention, Walmart customers: All black people, leave the store now

“Bill Mitchell, a former Walmart employee who was shopping Wednesday at the store, said that he was saddened to hear about the announcement but that “as a black man, I’ve heard worse things.”

An act of racism was commited. No matter how minor it seems it shows why it still goes on. If we have a group of men who won’t protect it’s own community then we have nothing. It can’t just be the women. I mean seriously no one knows if it was an employee or someone pranking who said this over the intercom. For all we know it was a manager who after all the heat didn’t want to look foolish. Don’t know. It’s time for us to realize that if the so called bc doesn’t want to help itself it’s finished. We all know if there is some kind of campaign (which I understand) or fight everyone is going to want black women to be the burden carriers for the race. Eff that ish. Let them do it.