Big Reason Black Women Need to Leave the Bachelor Alone

Hell women in general need to leave this show alone.


6 Responses to “Big Reason Black Women Need to Leave the Bachelor Alone”

  1. Karen R Says:

    I think The Bachelor show is a disgrace. The women seem to get caught up in the competition winning the man’s affection when it should be about the man winning the woman’s affection. It seems just gross for lack of a better word to see these women be intimate with him, one after the other. I wouldn’t want to intimately kiss a man who hours earlier had his tongue down the throat of some other random woman. Ugh!!!

    • bgurrl Says:

      Well that’s because women competing over men brings out the worst in women while men competing over women brings out the best. This was best described by Cindy Lu. Plus all you have to do is look to the real world for this example.

  2. Valerie Says:

    Although sometimes, we do catch the shows in the UK, I have to agree with the two other ladies, it brings out the wrong in the women, because they have to compete for the man.

  3. scificrazy Says:

    Frankly it would be cool to have something like Regency House in the U. S., but we would screw it up. I was thinking instead of having it set in the Regency era have it set in modern times. Again though U. S. tv would screw it up. I loved it when it was on PBS.

    • Kemi Says:

      I think that would be cool, but only if like PBS or BBC does an American version of Regency House Party. If a main television network did it, they would really only screw it up and of course it would be lacking in diversity. I’d love to see one where there are hot Asian/South Asian, Latino, European, guys and a variety of women. It gets annoying when all the dating shows only show one kind of guy and a parade of the same type of girl. Setting things up Regency style except I’m not down for the whole not bathing or being the last to bathe in really used bathwater, they can keep that. I’m sure they bent the rules back then a bit. Anyways, that’s a good idea.

      • bgurrl Says:

        You know I thought about having a reality show like Regency House, but in America and produced for PBS, Bravo etc. (bravo, A&E don’t know)definately not a channel like VH1 or the majors. I also thought of having something set in modern times with Regency Rules. We don’t have to dress like people of the Regency era, but we have to use their courtship styles etc.

        Also I would love to see a tv series in which women put methods like the Rules to work (I wouldn’t blame Ellen Fein or Sherrie Schneider if they didn’t want to put the Rules on blast I think now they are trying to stay out of the limelight.) The series would be to get a rules girl to train a non rules girl or at least in ideas like the four man plan, why men love bitches etc. Get them matches and as the series goes on they get better at doing the Rules, wmlb etc.

        Or it could be bachelor or bachelorette style except mostly the girls do the eliminating.

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