Do Black Think of Black Women as Men

I was thinking about this while walking home from school.  We protect, provide, stand up for bm all of the time.  I have been wondering lately if bm see bw as men.  Fighting bm wars.   Fighting them in public or online.  Khadija has a good essay on this  I agree with her that  this is not a good look for black women to be fighting in public, online. Yeah the man looks just as dumb, but people will see a woman fighting a battle with a man and will think they don’t need to help, because she’s doing it all herself. Let others do it, because we will wear ourselves out. If this is the case then ladies lets take our femininity back and let those men fight their own battles. Cause I refuse to be treated like crap for helping out those that should be helping us like we are them.  They say we don’t let the be men.  I say bull crap you just don’t want to be men.   When you have girls feeling they should dress down and act more like a boy in order to protect themselves in the bc then we know something ain’t right.  When you have girls that feel like they  have to give off an aura of being unapproachable then it shouldn’t be a surprise when you see girls who act more like boys, but think like girls and can sometimes get lost in the facade.   I also think they need to stop blaming their mothers, aunts etc. for doing what they had to do sacrificing their own pleasures in life for these fools to treat them like dirt.  Take back our feminine power and show these men that we are in fact women. 

But back on point.   They really think we are supposed to be superman not superwoman (because even though she’s a superhero she’s seen as a woman) and they are Lois Lane or any other woman who needs rescuing.  What kind of crap is that.  Next we will have to be their Robin Hood to their Maid Marion.  Oh wait that’s what they have us doing now.  We are supposed to come and rescue him?  Please!  How about you come and rescue me?

I contemplated over posting this as I don’t want to focus on black men, because this is a black woman’s empowerment blog.  But I feel this is something that needs to be said.


One Response to “Do Black Think of Black Women as Men”

  1. boomer babe Says:

    Speaking of Lois Lane: in the movie superman in 2006, she was married to a guy named Richard, and superman still loved her—wow—although i didn’t see the whole movie, superman got her pregnant and the kid was like his dad SHE HAD TWO MEN TO LOVE HER at least we sistas should have at least one who will fight for her

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