What Are Your Dreams Trying to Tell You!

I just had a crazy dream. Basically there was a symbol or symbols. Others who have found the symbol or known about it have gone looking for the symbol to make contact and when they did make contact they didn’t meet what they wanted. It turned out to be something evil. It hurt not only the person who found the symbol and unleashed whatever evil as well as those who had nothing to do with it. That is until someone captured whatever it was and trapped it so that it could not harm others. Anyway in my dream someone did just this and unleashed something. They thought they had control of it, but it or the person escaped and went to a mall (where the other person searched for him really). The evil or whatever it was just acted like one o the guys and walked off. He decided to go into a little club or hangout in the mall. Another girl went to go check it out (a friend of mine in the dream). I think I tried to warn her something wasn’t right about the person or whatever. Anyway something crazy started happening in there and she ran out. We hid in a room (some woman we knew, yeah remember it’s a dream) and realized we would be exposed to whatever it was and decided to just go out the window and wing it. The thing is there were like 4 or 5 screens we had to pull back just to get out. When finally did and got to her car and I had to open and close the door twice to make it work (she warned me, so that’s what I did). We escaped and I woke up.

At the time the dream was scary, but then I understood. Everyone looked at what was beautiful and never really studied or analyized what it really was. All they saw was the beauty and that it was a mystery. Yet no one saw it to actually solve the mystery. They just unleashed it and then when it was out of control and even after them or others they didn’t know what to do. They were trapped. We were at the threat o being exposed. We couldn’t close the window (curtains etc. and were on the verge of being found) and then deciding to escape, but found what were 4 or 5 obstacles to get out. I think says there will be obstacles when you try to get anywhere in life. There will be obstacles trying to deter you from what you are trying to accomplish. The last part had the obstacle and then we were on our way. We escaped.

The dream might unnerve you for a few minutes, days etc. but it gets it’s message across to tell you what needs to be done.


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