What’s Your Idea for a Dating Reality TV Series



There was a post on why black women should stay away from The Bachelor and other similar shows.  Some mentioned ideas for a dating tv series.  So I wanted to make a post that is soley focused reality dating tv show ideas.   If you had to do a reality tv series (preferably dating) what would the series be about? What would you have as the format? If a game what would be the rules? Would it be like the Bachelor, Bachelorette , Regency House Party etc.?


One Response to “What’s Your Idea for a Dating Reality TV Series”

  1. bgurrl Says:

    You know I thought about having a reality show like Regency House, but in America and produced for PBS, Bravo etc. (bravo, A&E don’t know)definately not a channel like VH1 or the majors. I also thought of having something set in modern times with Regency Rules. We don’t have to dress like people of the Regency era, but we have to use their courtship styles etc.

    Also I would love to see a tv series in which women put methods like the Rules to work (I wouldn’t blame Ellen Fein or Sherrie Schneider if they didn’t want to put the Rules on blast I think now they are trying to stay out of the limelight.) The series would be to get a rules girl to train a non rules girl or at least in ideas like the four man plan, why men love bitches etc. Get them matches and as the series goes on they get better at doing the Rules, wmlb etc.

    Or it could be bachelor or bachelorette style except mostly the girls do the eliminating.

    Frankly any Dating Reality TV Show would be Rules, WMLB/WMMB/FMP etc. Friendly

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