What’s Up With Hollywood

When I watch a movie or tv show I want drama (and I don’t mean of the jacked up variety) that’s what I came for.   Even comedy has drama.  Actors take human emotion and exaggerate them.  I don’t mind an idea of being someone what realistic, but drama isn’t supposed to be realistic.  It’s supposed to make us believe that something that isn’t real, isn’t how someone would act or talk in the real world feels real.  We are able to suspend disbelief.  I mean seriously do people really think that Clark Cable, Cary Grant and hordes of actors from the golden age of Hollywood really acted and talked that way.  Yes some actually may have as accents and ways of speech change.  But who has perfect speech? Who has perfect dialogue?  If we really wanted realism in movies and tv (Hollywood) then when boy meets girl girl screws up boy leaves then in real life boy don’t come back like some mushy I’m sorry I was a fool and he comes back, and vice versa.  If a guy is coming back to a girl he broke up with especially if it’s over and over it’s right to assume he’s been a looking and didn’t find someone so he came back.  That’s not what people want to see, but acting etc. has to be so called realistic.

Maybe it’s nostalgia.  I don’t know, but there is something about old movies especially when it comes to intimacy (not sex yau’ll)  In todays movies and tv (save for some soaps) it’s like people are afraid to be dramatic especially when it comes to love, hate etc.  That’s why I started watching Bollywood films (they can be over the top.lol) and now they are gaining this style.  I recently watched the 1940 Pride and Prejudice with Laurence Olivier (seriously they were wrong for the costuming.lol That wasn’t regency) but I watched this movie ( dude was a cuttie) LO was a damn good actor.   This was the age when Hollywood mostly starred theatre actors in their films.  Liev Schreiber whom I’ve loved since he was Cotton in Scream is also a theatrical actor.  I’ve often wondered if maybe he doesn’t want to act in Hollywood.  He has been offered roles by top theatres why the hell would he want to mess with Hollywood.  And seriously he looks like a grown man (I also wonder if that factors into it.)

What’s up with these men that look like little boys?  When I see a romance film or any film that is about adults for that matter give me a man that looks like a man.  That goes for women too.  Give me grown up stories.  Not stories that are about adult men child and women.

You’ve always had star to sell a movie, but have you noticed that people are just cast to bring in the dollars.  Even when they really aren’t suited for the parts.   Many times now days they are too young to play some parts ala Superman.


3 Responses to “What’s Up With Hollywood”

  1. bwmm Says:

    Yeah I know what you mean. I watched Rebecca and was like damn. I think it was remade in Britian or something like it. I sure know Hollywood couldn’t do it. They couldn’t even do Jane Eyre right in 96.

    Oh and also I moved my blog to

  2. jubilee Says:

    TOO many modern actors are baby-faced ‘brats’ Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, et.al.. I would LOVE to see some modern male actors with a more manly look, not looking like someone just coming out of college and you have to care for him emotionally..oh yes, i know there over 40 or close to it….sigh

  3. jubilee Says:

    Kirk Cameron is an exception though–Fireproof was GREAT

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