Hyenas in Tanuki’s Clothing


                                                                                                              Tanuki’s are so freaking cutteee!!!! 

“Posted 10/25/07 4:00 PM
NOT Exclusivity per TR: just a man being slippery to get SEX
Bootcamp post by BERRYSWEETGIRL – 01:18am Oct 24, 2007 PST (# 1829 of 1849)


Oh man. This one is pretty huge. I’m going to try and tackle this one section.

> “I also had a conversation when sex was initiated that I “didn’t feel ready to get serious like that”… he said he was confused….”

Ha! He was not “confused.” He knew exactly what you meant.

lol. Poor baby, so confused.

> “i said “well, there are three things I require to be in that space with someone… exclusivity, longevity, commitment”…”

You’re giving him the “I’m a Good Girl,” speech. Men are not impressed by this. Nothing you say will convince him of your high morality or virtue. Either you waited to do the deed or you didn’t.

> “he asked me what I meant and I explained…”

For gods sake, HE KNEW WHAT YOU MEANT. No man needs these things “explained.”

He is playing stupid, and that’s a bad sign. If he plays stupid, it’s so he can come back later and claim he “didn’t understand,” and that you “didn’t explain it clear enough.”

(Me Gronk. Me no understand. Duh. Dur. Drool.)

> “He said he wasn’t seeing anyone else, that I was the only one”

This is him being slippery. He didn’t agree not to see other people. He said he wasn’t seeing other people …right now. Turns out Gronk has two brain cells to rub together after all.

You do not wait until you are naked in bed with a man to try and extract promises of exclusivity from him. Men see this as blackmail.

You wait to have sex until the man ALL ON HIS OWN is asking for exclusivity. You should be fully clothed, during daylight hours, and nowhere near your bedroom when this happens.

However, this does not mean you necessarily grant him the exclusivity. He should just be wanting it very badly, and begging to have you all to himself. Hold out until a marriage proposal is just around the corner. (Or until the actual proposal.)

You need to take back the exclusivity. It’s a shifty, shaky, sort-of, kind-of, exclusivity anyway. And worst – IT WAS NOT HIS IDEA.

When you pull back, he will immediately suspect it’s because your ex is back in the picture. I am weirded out about the ex staying with you. However I believe he is providing good competition. It may be the only reason this guy hasn’t poofed.”


Don’t get me wrong love Hyenas.  Who would have thought these cutely weird look dudes are closely related to mongoose and meerkats


One Response to “Hyenas in Tanuki’s Clothing”

  1. bwmm Says:

    That website is a trip. And yeah they are cute. I didn’t even notice the other two just the main who seems more photogenic.

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