What Books, Movies, MOWs can You See as a TV Series?

I was reading http://blackwomenmakingmovies.wordpress.com/2010/04/09/create-a-tv-series/ .   Cool idea btw.  Anyways it got me thinking about books, tv movies and movies that I think would make great series.   Some are tv movies (MOW) that are obvious pilots.  They produce a mow pilot and if the ratings are good the networks greenlight a series.  Man From Atlantis as well as others.  Then there are the episodes (pilots) within an existing series like Private Practice within Grey’s Anatomy. 

Anyways back to the movies, MOW and books that would make great series.  I’ve seen many that I’m not sure why they aren’t series.  Here’s my list:

Down in the Delta (I so could have seen this as a tv series (If BET didn’t suck they could have picked up this as a series) plus I would have liked her to meet a new man while she was learning about herself and improving her and her children’s lives)

Love Songs

Waterproof  1999 would have made a good series as well. 

L. A. Banks Vampire Huntress series

A lifetime movie based on a Nora Roberts novel called Montana Sky that reminds me of McLeod’s Daughters (from Australia and was on I think either WE or O, bwmm mentioned that it’s on Netflix.  Gotta check that one out myself)

Claudine (my version though would get them out of the hood, or even if they are still in the same neighborhood he would help them out financially as he is now a part of the house hold)

The Surge A. K. A. The Source (low-budget sci-fi movie about kids getting special powers)

You know thinking about it now The Wedding would make for a good tv series

Also Ruby’s Bucket of Blood.  Either the story as it was with the movie or after her and her daughter left.

The Gifted One (which I suspect was a pilot disguised as a MOW) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0097431/

Where the Heart is would also make for a good series

Weirdly enough Waiting to Exhale (but the women will be (yes having drama) but meeting to new men etc.  Also the Wives Club (which to me is similar, but not as jacked up)

Watching Crooklyn now it seems silly in some parts, but it would make for a good series either before the mother dies or after.  Hey Buffy was a messed up movie, but a great tv series when Whedon was able to make the series the way he originally wanted to make the movie.

Drive By:  A Love Story actually a short film, but it could have easily been a tv drama geared towards AA’s.  This is something UPN or BET could have picked up.

Where Have All the People Gone (which  I suspect this one was a Pilot disguised as a MOW as well)

Gangland (which is a cheesy gangs have over run L. A. kind of low-budget film, but it would have made for a cool series especially if something like this a sort of post apoc type of story happens in the world)

The postman

Country Remedy

I think Second Chances would have made a good kids series

Movies, books etc. I thought about that ended up being series

Soul Food

Blade (even though to me they didn’t do as good as they could have)

The Witches of Eastwick


Vampire Diaries

The Never Ending Story

I have others, but what books, movies, mow do you see as tv series?


2 Responses to “What Books, Movies, MOWs can You See as a TV Series?”

  1. scificrazy Says:

    Definately Down in the Delta and Waterproof. Down in the Delta would make for a cool series set in a small town. Actually crazy enough so would Kingdom Come (just not so silly) not all black people live in the city! This was mentioned before concerning Dissapearing Acts (but of course the story was about a man leaving his wife with a child) on lifetime had this been about a ww she would have found a new man in her life while she was working on getting clean, her self-esteem, and taking care of her family. Waterproof. Well I want to see the drama between the black woman and the white dude she dated as a teenager that lead to tragedy in her family, but I don’t want this cynicalness I see in American tv drama. You aren’t lying when you say Australians have a hopefullness in their dramas. Sea Change, Neighbors etc. The Brits can have a bit more darkness, but to a certain extent it can be the same. How to Salsa in a Sari would make for a good teen series (with real teenagers preferiably).

    If you like Mcleoud’s Daughters and Montana Sky you might like Thicker Than Water (that is somewhat similar) Starring Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0433649/

    I don’t know if this counts, but all those movies like megasnake, dinocroc, sabertooth etc. would make for a good monster of the week type of series in the style of Primeval, but maybe comedic as well.

  2. bgurrl Says:

    lol hell Asylum, maverick etc. could make their own damn series.lol

    That movie Rain would make for a good series. I would love to see how she and her grandmother and her mother (who lets face it didn’t act like she was her daughter) plus her new school gets along.

    Skylark etc. would have made for a good tv series as well. Those o’keafe books (now made into movies) like Love Come Softly would have made for good tv series.

    When I first read the Cheetah girls I thought it would have made for a great kids tv series.

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