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So I am studying Spanish now. Most of the Spanish I learned was from Pimsleur. I am now in Spanish II at school, but I have noticed that when I am in a class such as the ones in college, even secondary I tend to worry more about keeping up grades than about learning it. I have slacked off on the program. But I will have to say this, Pimsleur is da bomb. I just listened to some of Learning Spanish Like Crazy and I think I will wait on it. From what I heard it seems pretty good, but goes into explaining things. Yes Pimsleur is slower and more formal, but I would rather learn that way first and then do the other program.   It’s also pricey.  I found it at the library.  I have also done FSI off and on. I will wait on this as well until I have finished Pimsleur.

You can find it for free (the public domain FSI) at Free FSI Language Audio Courses . Free Spanish podcast, but the notes aren’t free Notes in Spanish
Spanish Dict is another great place.  LoMasTV is another goodie, but it’s not free.  Free BBC Mi Vida Loca Free Destinos teaches Spanish through a Novela style program There is also I also studied French in High School and have since forgotten most.  That’s the next language I am going to learn. Coffee Break Spanish no longer free as well. They also have other languages.


Want to Chat in Spanish

Espanglish Chat

English Spanish Link

Another thing I’m doing is watching Novelas.  You can also watch movies such as Star Wars, Ever After etc. in pretty good dubbed Spanish, French etc.

I will be looking for other language learning programs for French, Spanish and other languages.
I think it’s important to learn a language.  Not only does it help career wise it helps to meet new people.  So try to learn at least one new language.  I think it will be very beneficial


2 Responses to “Learn a Language”

  1. Park Avenue Says:

    Oh my gosh! I’m so glad you did this post. I absolutely LOVE languages.

    I’ve studied Spanish for years & I’ve done pretty well with it. Now I’m working on French & Brazilian Portuguese.

  2. Alida Says:

    I love being able to speak another language. But what helped the most is having to do it!! Living in Russia meant I had to learn to speak Russian. Unless you are in a major city like Moscow or St. Pete it is hard to find an English speaker there.

    I am planning to start learning Spanish in the fall and after that who knows!!

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