Don’t Be That 10%;_ylt=Au43TQC3ilbj39GPH.hA9prvBwx.;_ylv=3?qid=20080826025525AA1BhqW

The citizens had time to leave Pompeii. Many did leave, but there were those who stayed behind because they didn’t realize the danger they were in. Sound familiar?

C. W. Has a series Called Escape Pompeii


4 Responses to “Don’t Be That 10%”

  1. MsMellody Says:

    I enjoyed your article about it being okay, perfectly fine and just plain personal business if any woman or man has made the decision to wait until marriage for sex.
    THe values one holds is truly that person’s business and that person’s business alone. It need not be discussed and argued about. I applaud any and all young people who have made that decision!!! I also just as loudly applaud any person who is older who has made that decision!!!

    Having morals and values is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of!!


  2. MsMellody Says:

    As far as being that 10% and CW’s articles and specials about Escaping from Pompeii – I think it is an excellent excellent time and place to discuss this imperative for BW.

    I have been just so tired and fed up with seeing so many young beautiful in the prime of their lives Black woman/girls just giving up!! Giving up and giving their lives over to that mammy mule mentality. I think it is wonderful that we are all discussing this inevitable demise of the bc..and taking steps for -those who will listen implement and act – a way to escape pompeii.

  3. MsMellody Says:

    Great links for the discussion on what happened to Pompeii..and where the citizens escaped to..and how if you wait until the last minute that could cost you your life!!!

    Perfect analogy!

  4. randomthoughtsfromcali Says:

    I heard the alarm bells ringing 11 years ago and never looked back. Thanks for being part of the movement to empower black women to exercise their options! Consider yourself linked!

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