We Should Empower Other Groups Who Wouldn’t Do the Same! I think Not!


Doesn’t believe that groups should focus on their own empowerment. Does that make any sense? Why wouldn’t they? And for All of this everyone needs to help empower other groups whose empowering bw? Common Sense tells us that those that are from a group or culture have a vested interest in said groups upliftment and empowerment. They know the community, what ails it etc. Yes I can be a bit of an idealist, but there is a point where the realist in me comes in. We are dealing with real people not some imaginary world that we created in our heads. That means that all that we all need to work together, if only so and so would work together etc. It ain’t gonna happen! Wanna know why? Because not all people for 1 have the same values, cultural or other wise, interests, focus etc. To me this just reinforces the whole throw away what you are doing and do for others who wouldn’t uplift your ass if it meant getting out of hell. Now I am for helping other groups and empowering other groups, but in the same token they should be doing the same for us! As I recall this was a response to a dissagreement with a BWE blogger. Funny thing is he complains about black women or women of color fighting for empowerment etc., but doesn’t acknowledge that other women sure won’t help these women if they are high up themselves. Why would that would threaten the very high status they aleady have? Black women (especially) and other women of color know the racial dynamics of their lives within this culture.


4 Responses to “We Should Empower Other Groups Who Wouldn’t Do the Same! I think Not!”

  1. scificrazy Says:

    Oops my mistakes in my post. Plus I made some changes. Accidently hit reply before posting the new revised comment in here. Reposting can you delete the first?

    I know which blog you are referring to.

    “Improving the image of black women in the media.”

    “Giving each Latino worker with four children running water.”

    “Reconstructive surgery for every cleft-lipped foster youth under the age of 14.”

    So because BWWM making movies focus is on improving the image of black women in the media instead of giving each Latino Worker with four children running water it’s less valid? Are you kidding me? It’s like he’s saying that we have to fight everyone’s battles. We have to fight everything? Not everyone is going to do that. There is nothing wrong with having a single focus and then moving on to something else. And how does this moron know that said person isn’t doing all those things? She told his dumb ass that the blog was about starting an industry, creating our own images so we have control. He kept going off in other directions during the post and that’s why she deleted his ass. He got pissed, because she said she wasn’t into the theory of the patriarchy etc., but creating a industry. She wanted to focus on doing instead of theorizing on why this is that way instead of this way. He wanted to to start us on a angry bw pow wow when I look at it. He’s just iffed cause she didn’t let that crap happen on her blog and refuses to. Plus he never went to any other post just that one. This all the while she was creating new posts while the discussion was going on. He never commented on any of them. That looked fishy to me for sure. Funny he wants us to bitch about the capitalist, patriarchal society, but yet benefit from it. And if this person is a woman then it still doesn’t change that she benefits. The fact that these dudes want us fighting tells us they aren’t looking for change. Because they know women will wear themselves down. They also know that women (mostly ww and many know of white privilege aren’t going to jeopardize their position) nothing wrong with that. Why would they? The dominate group wants to stay where it is. Why would they help another group to become dominate or smash a system that has them in power? Please! I get so tired of these call to arms for all people when they know mostly they want bw struggling, fighting for everyone else wearing ourselves out while they are sitting high and mighty after they are through with their stint of fighting the man and have grown up. I’m over the whole college student or young adult activist (I support and am an activist in some things) who because of coming out into the real world for the first time is shocked that the world ain’t perfect (in other words everyone ain’t like them). Think about it, that’s when you can get free labor get young adults to work free volunteering etc. telling them it’s for the cause of bringing the man down (mostly from all the theory they read from books or their teachers talked about in class) until they catch on (partly because as they grow up they realize the world isn’t fair) and move on to something else. For all of women fighting against the patriarchy why does it still exist? Now that I’m older I look back at how naive I was and all these (probably kids) are doing is parroting back the things I said at a young age and while I was in college and before. Frankly I think American teens grow up too damn slowly (fast when it comes to sex etc.) but when it comes to maturing damn you can see the disparity between the teens and young adults of the older generation and the teens and young adults of the new. When there is a saying like 25 is the new 15 you know something is wrong. But like Khadija said it’s easy for keyboard revolutionaries to talk, but what have they done to do the things they are telling others they should be doing?

    • creativeg Says:

      Ooh I remember that too. That’s where the I will not tolerate disrespect on my blog post came about. He had the gall to imply that she was stupid or that something was wrong with her. From what I remember he damn near said something to that effect. Wow! Any wonder why he was be banned? lol What gets me is when they are surprised. What also gets me is these people that think they can high jack someones blog or try to dictate how they run it or say on it. These people that get ticked because someone moderates there blog. The idiots actually make the silly comment you are liberal with the delete button as if every thing they say is gold.lol or there are two sides. Yes there is more than ones side, but if you have offended the blog owner then what you say gets deleted deal with it. If the blog owner tells you what’s not acceptable then shut the hell up and deal with it.

      The thing is he doesn’t realize that Latinos are working to empower their group as well as any group would. I also have a feeling it’s more of we are these ( what ever non-white persons) saviours as if other groups don’t have the capacity to empower themselves individually and as a group. Yeah he was straight up disrespectful and got powned. Even one of the commenters noted that if he was offending her or pissing her off then stop pissing her off. In other words realize you are not in your house. You are in someone elses house trying to dictate how they run it. Had she, I, or anyone else told us how he should run his blog or what he should say and how to say it; he would come on us like you wouldn’t believe.

      His little post was just a way for him to cry and lick his wounds.

  2. Velouroyale Says:

    Yeah, who cares what he thinks, lol. I didn’t bother clicking through to read what he wrote. If the blog owner of “Black Women Making Movies” chooses to use her knowledge of media to work toward increasing and improving the number of black women in media, that’s her right. Not even big organizations focus on absolutely everything. If they did, then nothing would get done, because they’d spread themselves too thin to make progress in any area at all. If a big organization with a lot of funds can’t solve every social problem, an individual certainly can’t. Making progress in a particular area usually takes a lot of time, effort and dedication. No matter what cause someone picks, there’s always “something worse” that they could have, might have focused on instead. Everyone isn’t required to only focus on the worst cause just because it’s offensive to this male’s moral sensibilities. He’ll just have to get over it…or continue being miserable. Whatever…it’s not like it’s going to change what she does on her blog.

    I get these butt hurt types making videos or comments crying over being blocked from my (interracial) YouTube channel…yawn. At the end of the day, my channel stays up, and their bitter rants just make my channel more well known. I’m not ashamed to say I’m liberal with my block button, and who will and will not be permitted there. We’re not obligated to give everyone the right to free speech on our pages. The federal government of the U.S. swore to give everyone the right to free speech, but we as individuals never did. The purpose of the our blogs is to have a FORWARD-moving discussion of a particular train of thought for those who aim to reach a similar destination. These aren’t “debate” blogs. They are blogs with a particular goal. It’s not our problem if some don’t like it or understand it. Let them cry and throw tantrums. The only thing is…I don’t suggest linking to them. It encourages their toddlerish attention-seeking ways. If I ever address one of these clowns, I never mention them by name or link to them. Let them make us famous…not the other way around. Just a suggestion…it’s your blog after all. 😉

    • bgurrl Says:

      Don’t worry I don’t plan on doing anymore linking of fools like these. I just wanted bw to learn we need to be careful of anyone talking about how we need to work hard and struggle or all come together and do this or that. Like his comment on bw not fighting the patriarchy or capitalism etc. when we all know damn well those people are benefiting from it themselves. Believe me this will be the last.

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