Are You a (Future) Wifey or a (Future) Wife?

Went to Zabeth’s Corner and saw this link on her tweets sidebar from Clutch Magazine Wife V Wifey


7 Responses to “Are You a (Future) Wifey or a (Future) Wife?”

  1. scificrazy Says:

    Wow! BW sure love to use the term everybody as if this is happening with women and men in the world as extreme as it is with us.

    Some of the comments are a trip. A woman trying to say how she think men think of wifey and wife as the same thing when even when there was a man or men that said different they didn’t want to hear it. And yes wifey can be a nickname for wife, but that’s usually with people who are going to be married (meaning there is a ring, no doubt about it) or with actual wives (which some even said husbands called their wives wifey (Uhh well aren’t they married? So that tells you that the meaning won’t be the same with a married couple. It’s just a cute term. Duh!) Anyone with an ounce of a brain knows when a word or something is said in jest or cute and when its meaning is negative.

  2. scificrazy Says:

    Okay how old are some of these women. Damn I thought like that in High School.

    A sister with some sense.

    “”I asked my Husband…Here is the conversation:

    “Me: What is the difference between a wife and a wifey?
    Hubby: What are you reading now?
    Me: Clutch
    Hubby: Figures;) You want the barber shop answer or the loving husband answer?
    Me: Barbershop.
    Hubby: $125-250 thousand dollars. If a man is calling you a wifey he does not trust you with REALLY holding shyt down. If a man makes you his WIFE he TRUST that woman. Plain and simple. There is a system in place; girlfriend, fiance, wife. Most real men go by that system.
    Men with class don’t even use that wifey crap. A grown azz man ain’t got no wifey. Wifey is the new word for the woman you’re not sure you want to commit to. It bides you time.

    The conversation digressed into a bit of our own gossip session about folks we know personally, but you get the idea.
    I can honestly say I’ve never been a wifey. Just seems like another level of game playing to me.””

    Funny how all these women want to listen to Steve Harvey’s ass, but when real grown men tell the truth people don’t want to hear. They want to brow beat them. There are women who are still pissed at Behrendt with HJNTIY,

    • scificrazy Says:

      love is the only thing that matters when it comes to relationship titles & other things that truly have no meaning at all.

      Sorry I was replying to comments like this

  3. randomthoughtsfromcali Says:

    I commented on that article. SMH at men who said that marriage was “just a piece of paper.” I told “Jason” that he should just keep telling those dumb girls he dates so he can continue to reap all the benefits of marriage–sex, emotional and financial support, cooking, cleaning, baby making–all without bearing any real responsibility. This is a lie that is being told to countless black women and too many of us are falling for this LIE.

  4. Kathi Says:

    I have never heard of the difference between the term wifey and wife. I am from the Pacific Northwest, have been happily married for 35 years. Because I am 68 years old, in my circle wifey is just a cute term. Too bad it has taken to mean something different now. My question is to the young women, “when are some of you going to stop settling, reducing your standards and putting up with so much evil (that is right, I said it) EVIL, from the young men?” Always look for a man with integrity and character. My heart goes out to you. I see my nieces going through the same stuff. BW…you are too beautiful, and you have too much going for you. You Are Worth It!!! Don’t settle, and don’t put up with vile behavior from men, no matter what race

    • bgurrl Says:

      The problem is that so many boys/men are like this that girls/women tired of being alone settle for the lesser of men. That’s also, because so many don’t open their options. Especially listening to the community. It was interesting in an interview when a group of black women were talking about the shortage of BM and calling it a man shortage to which the interviewer mentioned I’m sorry, but there is no shortage of WM, AM etc.

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