Men Women and Growing Up! WOW!

The previous article in this series pointed out that the way men and women relate to each other affects not just their families, but their politics.  A man who’s assumed the responsibility to take care of his wife and children opposes tax increases because higher taxes make it harder for him to take care of his family.  A man who’s sponging off welfare women, in contrast, favors increased taxes so the government can pay more to support his harem of girlfriends.


4 Responses to “Men Women and Growing Up! WOW!”

  1. boomer babe Says:

    I’ve never heard it that way before; that guys want the welfare money from the mothers of their children –wow–it means the children AREN’T BENEFITTING FROM HIGHER TAXES EITHER .Are you conservative?Well, the democrat party has our vote (black) almost exclusively. Even gays and native americans split their vote at times

  2. scificrazy Says:

    Wow can i ask are people really this silly not to get the point?

    Yes there may be two poor people in the home who are married. Seriously are these people dingy. So were many of our grandparents and they worked their asses off to get their children and grandchildren to college and have well paying careers.

  3. randomthoughtsfromcali Says:

    I have to cosign with this. It’s common sense that poorer households are more open to higher taxes. But I wonder, how many of these types actually vote?

  4. Korrie Randall Says:

    Interesting article. I am opposes to higher taxes, and I can relate to what this articles suggests about feeling that higher taxes diminishes one’s buying power and ability to provide.

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