Pulp Art, Dieselpunk, and Space Operas

Okay so I just watched a docu on PBS about Pulp Art. They talked about the rise of Pulp fiction until WWII. Anyways I thought it was interesting that publishers found that art with the primary colors is what attracted most people. It was eye catching. Pulp fiction was very successful, because it gave people a chance to escape and imagine themselves as other people, in another land, or world. The stories were simple stories of good and evil. Also because of the culture’s censoring etc. people wrote many a story called the spice pulp etc. Oh and womens’ boobies were on the cover lol. Oh the horror.lol huh huh huh.lol Many of these writers and artists didn’t think they were producing art. To them it was just that job you did until you got to Time, Vogue etc. Many of these artists works are remembered highly. Many writers such as Asimov, Bradbury etc. started out writing pulp science fiction.
I often wonder if we put too much credence in an idea of what is high art, literary (after seeing discussions on literary vs. commercial or mainstream fiction). What most people never realize is that many of the classic novels considered literary were written to make money. They were commercial fiction. Now you do have the writers who experimented with new ideas such as the Joyce etc.
Have you ever had to read what is considered to be a classic or literary novel and thought; this is it? The next time you had to read what is considered commercial fiction and it had such an impact that, that’s what you would consider literary?

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Okay so I just found out there is a subgenre called Dieselpunk. I love Steampunk so this is so cool. I think that it’s time for steampunk fic that is set in Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt etc. or During Europeans Dark Ages Asians end up having a high tech culture based on Steam as you had scientists and inventors such as Al-Jazari Well apparently the study of optics is not knew not even with this ancient scientist Who hasn’t heard or read about the Baghdad Battery

We Can’t forget the calculator/computer that was discovered

I just love when we get mysteries like this that make us rethink ancient man. Who knows maybe in a few thousand years archaelogists will find a Pepsi can and think it was part of our religion or something.lol (remember the sliders ep.lol) Who knows how much will be lost for future generations. I mean ancient man had the common sense to wash their hands after going to the crapper and having a even though crude flushing system. When Rome fell many who relied on the tech, but not the know how fell as well and regressed. How do we know that won’t happen to us. Cause I sure don’t know how to build a toilet.lol We take things like this for granted. Well that right there is a good story in the making. And seriously there was a man who used to build little tin contraptions to entertain his guests (this was in ancient Greece folks). There were also plans for cars or automobile type contraptions. One was and idea for helping the disabled be able to get around. Hell there was a little steam car (can’t remember if it was China), but seriously what makes us think we were the only ones to think of this. Hell what if Ancient man thought of space travel and left. As in hey lets go to outer space whoever stays behind see ya! The ones who stay behind are the peeps that are the poor or the ones who just don’t want to. All is well at first. Space travel becomes cheaper, but something happens that sets us back such as a war. Who knows! Those out in space can’t get back because the Earth is hostile (the people or even the atmosphere) they leave and go to other planets or continue space travel. Meanwhile Earth has regressed into a no tech planet. There you go another story (course that was sort of what Stargate SG-1 did with the ancients, they aren’t the only ones remember Space: Above and Beyond had the Chigs) Or there were those who figured out things like space travel, but no one wanted to do it. These people were labeled heretics etc. Well these people say screw this! They then have a campaign and leave Earth and we are now left without the inventors we had before. Hey another story idea.

Okay so I’m just talking about stuff.lol Anyways while watching the Pulp Art docu they mentioned Space Operas. Call me a dork, but I love Space Operas. Give me the action adventure any day. I’ve wanted to write a space opera like forever. It always hung me up, because when I started doing research in science or space travel my mind went numb. Now yes you can have a space opera that is techno babel which really loses me. But you can also have the story that is more about the plot, action adventure etc. Like I said give me action adventure preferably in space with ray guns. Oh and make sure the captain is a hot ass guy. The captain can be a she, but she better have at least one hot ass guy on her crew.

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Anyways this is interesting Apparently Steven King has written a novel that is in the vein of those pulp magazines

I have a feeling the pulp novel or something similar will become popular again. There are conventions exposing many to the old pulp magazines. Also movies, tv shows etc.

Hey we got Buck Rogers, The Shadow, Asimov, Bradbury, and other sf writers, the hard boiled detective genre because of that commercial pulp fiction! So there!

This ain’t pulp fiction it’s just shit fiction!

Sorry yau’ll don’t usually cuss.