Black Women Make Our Own Change, Or Forever Be the Angry Black Women or the Mule!

First of all everyone, sorry for being away for so long.

Sorry for the crappy quality.

But seriously you have people bp who don’t think this commercial is racist! Are these people serious? I can understand wp and others not getting the racism within this commercial such as wp etc., but bp? We should know better. Now there are many and I mean many that complained to Pepsi and handed their asses back to them, but for bp not to see a something that is a blatant stereotype as not a big deal is a sad thing indeed. BW especially. We have been shown as either the angry black women or the mule/Aunt Jemima, Beulah etc.. We need to let that ish go. Now we got Bounce doing crap too. This ain’t the early 1900’s, the 30’s, the 50’s etc. this is 2011 and we still got to go through this crap?


Movies like Not Easily Broken hurt our image as well. All through that movie the wife was a straight up byatch, but her bm husband was innocent and could do no wrong. Seriously! Why not have the woman be nice in the beginning of the movie and be frustrated, because of her accident and then become the woman she was before after healing or learning how to overcome her anger about the dramatic change in her life. No she has to be a byatch during the whole movie. Even as far as to go off about her husband who isn’t cheating and the only reason that she becomes redeeming is because a child dies during a swim meet. Seriously?

The Pepsi commercial went out to the whole of this nation on the biggest day of the year. The super bowl. BW and BP in general need to remember that images can help or hurt us. Just look at Birth of a Nation. Now Griffith didn’t realize the power of images until he had made that film, but then he tried to rectify it with intolerance. He learned from the horrible images he created and tried to change it, but we let crap fly? And even from bp no doubt. The Birth of a Nation should be studied by black Americans, because it’s the forerunner in creating horrible images and stereotypes that hurt bp. It encouraged the KKK to resurface as the movie was based on a novel about the KKK being heroes. The filmmakers in the early days of cinema had no idea the impact that media images could have. But we know better in this day and time and must work against and resist media images that stereotype, degrade and humiliate us. Even if this means not support other bp. Same with music. We need to stop supporting the singers, etc. who degrade us, use us to get off the ground; then come out talking about how they don’t like dark butts etc. You know who I’m talking about. I won’t mention his name.

Black women we do have a battle, but it should be fought using feminine ingenuity. We should learn to be strategic and use stealth. If we work together we can make change. Forget these leaders who don’t come to our help, but only go after something when it’s BM in trouble, only are there when bw have been insulted or assaulted by WM or even WW, but won’t do the same when BW and being insulted or assaulted by BM or BW.

Seriously if we can create an uproar with the Pepsi commercial and with the Williams-Bolar woman than we have proven we can do it with anything we set our minds to doing. We can make some major change. As I said before gain allies and know your enemies damn near to perfection.

Classy Black Lady and Black Women Fighting Back on that note the owner of the blog Black Women Fighting Back is changing the name, because in order for us to be seen as any other women; we can’t be seen as fighting. We have to do it is a classy and feminine demeanor. We also need to gain allies and work to become close to our enemies. Get to know them so well you know how to strategically resist what it is they are doing that is to the detriment of the image of BW.


2 Responses to “Black Women Make Our Own Change, Or Forever Be the Angry Black Women or the Mule!”

  1. Pamela Says:

    Wonder post. I have had discussions with black women in general ranting about negative articles, news stories and the like about black women that are unfair and stereotypical. Some wondered why I had such a fuss. I said that I would not care nearly as much about negative things if there were at least the same number OR MORE positive representations of black women. At least they saw my point of reference but may not have cared as much about it.

    For example I posted a video of Good Morning America where Cynthia McFadden did a piece on why it is so hard for professional black women to find good husbands. They had four lovely black women on. They were all in their 30s if I remember correctly. After the girly chat Steve Harvey shows up. At that time I knew very little about his book but had already dismissed him because he had too many failed relationships. I came to the conclusion that the book would talk about how men were dogs and probably lower our expectation for a decent man. His advice on that video turned me completely against him. When I brought these points up one of my friends said ‘He’s a comic’ and dismissed what he said. I said ‘THEY BELIEVE THAT HE KNOWS ABOUT BLACK WOMEN’. It was broadcast to the world that black women nit pock if a man makes $1000 a year less than them. He also suggested that gals select older men. YOU DO NOT TELL THAT TO YOUNG WOMEN!!!!! Needless to say I was so furious. That is all that mattered to me.

    We have to learn how to make our points with grace and beauty but stand our ground. That is the only way we can effectively ‘fight’ this. As more people see real black women they will know that the people they know are NOT what they see in the media.

    • bgurrl Says:

      I wish bw would stop dismissing someone because they are comics or being funny. You can hide a lot of truth in comedy or persuade others about things or people as comedians use their life experiences for their routines. There have been many books etc. that told people what they needed to do to get into social classes, marry etc. but since people saw it as a joke, satire, parody etc. they didn’t take it seriously. Personally I think that’s why a book like The Rules was so hated. Because the authors were so straight forward. I bet if that had been used with humor as a satire, parody etc. then there wouldn’t have been the hoopla that came out about it.

      Also what your friends don’t realize and many others for that matter is that abuse or other forms of harm can come from family, friends, boyfriends, husbands. Maybe a boyfriend jokes saying I would kill you if you ever left me etc. Now us hearing it, it sounds jacked up, but when you are close to the situation your mind just thinks he’s joking etc. This for a fact happened to a girl a few years ago. The dude killed her mother; then shot her in the face. All because she broke up with him.

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