Black Dating Experiment Denial Killer

So I had to kind of wait to post this. I saw this a long while ago, and didn’t want to post this, because I was pissed. Well, let me say I did want to post it, just not then.

If anyone doesn’t know what the Black Dating Experiment is, it’s a blog where two sisters set up an online dating profile to see if BM discriminate against BW. This started after the sister (step sister who is white was told by her black sister that men overlooked her, because she’s black. Well she thought she was exaggerating. So they set up this experiment and to her sister’s surprise it was true.

All I have to say is that if black women are still in denial in the U. S., Britain etc. after this; those women don’t want to accept it. It’s a hard truth to accept, but that doesn’t make it any less valid. Hopefully this helps many black women wake the hell up! Hopefully it spurs black women to move on. Please! Leave the damn guilt behind!

When reading the posts it’s pitiful that only ONE, black man wasn’t having any of what the made up woman was saying about black women. That’s sad that only one defended black women.

Black women expand your options. Why are black women so loyal to BM? I’m not saying don’t love and marry a black man. What I’m saying is there are men of quality of all races within the global community. Sharing a particular skin shade should not be a reason to eliminate dating/marriage potential with other men for one group of men, just because you are the same race, culture, skin color. Men do not do the same thing. Men are least likely to be race loyal. Many men of other cultures have done this as well. Teaching their women to only be with men of their culture etc. Dress a certain way etc. And you know what? Those women got a damn clue, when they saw the men marrying who they wanted. Women who looked nothing like what they were taught to be/look like etc.

The biggest group is Asian women. Those women don’t play. And I’m sure before that they hand fudockery played on them; while the men were dating/marrying who they wanted etc. They could have their cake, and eat it too. Well, that is until the women said eff that ish.

In conclusion, black women please heed this. Take this experiment, read it, process it, and act accordingly. There might be denial. That’s expected. Dawnali of started her forum after seeing about 1k black women hate/bashing videos on Youtube. But in the end it helped her to process that something is indeed wrong, and we need to expand our options.


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