Don’t Let Discouraging Information Get You Down

Recently there was a study done based on responses to those of the opposite gender on an online dating app.  The data showed who is the most responded to and the least.  Online Dating APP Reveals Race Matters in Romance .  Remember the OKCupid study that was similar and came to similar results.  I’ve spoken to black women who’ve said they were well put together, slim, feminine etc.  All the things that BWE has been telling women we need to work on, yet men still don’t approach online or off.  This leads me to beg the question is this something more than just simple black women not opening our options or being at our optimal best. 

Black women have to be careful with the if BW would just with non BM.  Do we really want to start the same crap with non BM we went through with BM.  If BW would just be more wild in best, if BW would be less wild in bed, if black women stopped perming, weaving, braiding their hair in one breath and then dissing us for our natural hair.  If BW would be more feminine, dress feminine, be more open…. yada yada yada!

There were some who emailed me a few years ago about my post You’re Not My Preference, But Wink which I reposted.  I still go by this.

These studies can be depressing.  Just read them digest them, analyse and move on.  Don’t be discouraged.  Don’t let these hot mess studies lead you to think or feel that you are unwanted, because we know looking offline that isn’t true.  The media isn’t here to uplift anyone.  It’s used to put fear into readers, watchers, listeners all the while selling you a product or clicking on a page, watching a TV channel or listening to radio.  It’s all about money.  They aren’t looking for other variables or discussing other variables. 

Also it only one you need for love.


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