Kenya is Back! And Better than EVAH!

Hey anyone remember Kenya Doll? I remember having them back in the day. Well, ya’ll Kenya has made a comeback. Right Right! I’m a grown woman and am buying me a Kenya Doll. LOL My mom always made sure I had black dolls growing up. Baby dolls to Barbie and of course Kenya. Yes, I had white dolls etc. but she made sure that I had dolls that resembled me. I am so grateful to her for that. She made sure I saw positive representation of black people especially girls and women, because I was a girl who was growing into a woman. I was at a blog one day where the author was asking why is having black dolls so important? Kids don’t care etc. And that too much emphasis was put on this. Umm really? The fact that we are still talking about colorism online and offline. Documentaries like Dark Girls are still having to be made. Really! Tell that to black women and girls around the world. Indians, Latinos etc.

Forget within the black, Indian or whatever community. Think about what the media is telling black girls/women. Okay, so now you are grown up and are doing the whole I don’t need the media to validate me. I’m at the point to, but remember that this isn’t the case for young black girls. See like white girls/women they watch MTV, Disney, Nick etc. and are barely seeing representations of themselves and when they do it’s only a certain type or types of black girls. Then you have magazines, movies etc. We have to remember to mentor the kids. Stop coming from where we are all the time and remember where they are. Stop coming from how we had to do so much self help, BWE, affirmations etc. just for healing and remember that these girls are not late 20’s, 30’s 40’s 50 and so on old women. They are girls.

You want change you focus the kids and teach/mentor them you don’t focus on adults. That’s like the folks that talk about how they want black youth to embrace sci-fi yet write books that are more for an adult than a kid to read. Same with movies. If you want black youth to become the next filmmakers than you make movies that they can watch (as well as adults mind you. I’m not talking about children’s movies) but movies that you don’t have to be ashamed to watch with your child.

Anyways off that soap box. Shanica Knowles Cousin of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles is the new face of Kenya. Here is her song
Kenya Rock


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