Problems with the Black Conscious​ Community

I am glad someone finally sad it. The first person said he didn’t like being black.  That’s how I think most feel.  It makes sense.  Trying to hard to prove their worth or having to tell others we are the best etc. makes you wonder if that person actually thinks they are.  Black Americans especially.  Black Americans are the first to go on other non AA black people saying they don’t know they are black, because they call themselves __________ whatever country they come from vs. black or Afro_________ whatever country they come from.  The same people who are closer to their African roots than even many AAs are.  AAs are the first to talk about Africans or whatever group being colorist acting as if AA community shit don’t stink when it comes to colorism.  It was mostly AAs talking that mess to the likes of this young lady

We also have the whole we aren’t of African descent silliness that is going on in black conscious community.  I can’t even post that silliness in this post.

I really hope the AA community gets it together.  I really do. I think that’s the reason we are where we are in this country.

Madisyne Elise


The CooLots

So, sorry it’s been so long.  I have a band for folks to check out.  It’s great to see black women in different genres of music.

Talent Showcase Denise Weeks

Xfactors’s Denise Weeks


Sorry for not having posted in a while. But remember this group? They were the original faces of the Cheetah Girls series before Disney acquired the series.

Talent Showcase Alice Smith

Another live version of the song

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Talent Showcase Elle Gyandoh