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The CooLots

So, sorry it’s been so long.  I have a band for folks to check out.  It’s great to see black women in different genres of music.

Talent Showcase Denise Weeks

Xfactors’s Denise Weeks


Sorry for not having posted in a while. But remember this group? They were the original faces of the Cheetah Girls series before Disney acquired the series.

Talent Showcase Alice Smith

Another live version of the song

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Talent Showcase Elle Gyandoh

The Internet has Created New Opportunities for Talent

A while back. Way while back. I know. LOL I posted a couple of music videos of a past group called Fierce and I saw on the side Watching this video was like going back in time. LOL I used to love this song like crazy. Watching these vids you think WTH happened? Where are the black girls let alone dark skinned black girls? Why is it that in the 90’s and early 2000’s black women and girls were way more represented than today. Mind you it wasn’t perfect, but damn! Then I got to thinking BET. We lost a valuable outlet for our image. Whenever MTV didn’t show our music whatever the genre we always had an outlet. BET wasn’t just hip-hop/rap/r&b/ they represented the black rockers etc. too. Then Johnson sold to Viacom and that was it. Then we started being erased in music videos and TV from our own culture. We were replaced. When this happened others took cue and started doing the same.

But here’s the thing we now can take advantage of the internet. Maybe you can’t make a high priced video, but folks could use the net to promote their songs, music videos etc. You no longer see the likes of 3LW’s or SWV’s (though they are making a comeback), Mokenstef etc. It’s Lady Gaga, Nikki Minaj etc. And as much as I like Beyonce, how is it that folks like to forget Kelly Rowland. This woman has mad skills. Interestingly enough she is actually becoming more popular than Bey, but on a more quieter scale. I think that she and Jennifer Hudson need that huge breakout song etc. Seriously I love Rhianna, but why aren’t the Kelly’s and JHuds offered a song like Umbrella, Countdown, Diamonds, End of Time, 1+1 Frankly I like The Dreams version of 1+1 he wrote it for Bey and don’t get me wrong she was great, but I do think this song would have been better for Usher. Hell this to me is more of a duet song than one singer) , Baby I etc.? I heard Jade Novah’s version of Diamonds and thought damn! Had this woman been offered this song with her first album it would be that break out song. That woman is fierce.

he probably has had backing behind his vids, but have you seen some of the vids on YT and some of these are just folks having fun. Folks are going to have to star thinking outside the box. Stop waiting for someone to discover you and launch you. Launch yourself.

If you haven’t seen this video check it out. This vid looks really good.

I’m not going to lie some are not kid appropriate. LOL, but my point is it’s up to us to think outside the box. Do what we need to do to get what we want or where we want to go.

Here are some vids produced and directed by theshay west. These are some great vids. This is Jade Novah’s Cover of Beyonce’s countdown. Seriously this girl has some mad skills.

version of Chris Brown vid. Chris Brown is singing as in I believe it’s lip synced, but the point is that he vid is pro.