Pay Attention to What he Does! It’s Prophecy!

“Why women should never pay for dates no matter what he says:

He is telling you TO YOUR FACE he will NOT be held financially responsible for any children that might result from the union.

If a man won’t even buy your dinner, why on earth makes you think he will pay for things like Diapers, Braces, and College Tuition?

He won’t.

Because he is fundamentally selfish down to his very core.

Here is another one to pay attention to ladies – ignore it at your own peril:


These men are often con and rip-off artists, living in the shadow of fear that they might one day get back some of their own.

A little checking will reveal a whole string of people this man owes money to.”


8 Responses to “Pay Attention to What he Does! It’s Prophecy!”

  1. cw Says:

    I see “The Rules” boards have their trolls too!

    But Black women take note as how to handle these types…BTW…Loving your blog!

  2. bgurrl Says:

    @CW Thanks

    I think one of the discussions a commenter made a stated that women should look at the examples of these men who post comments like this (sort of like how Sara and Evia and others have let DBRs slip through) and then ask if we don’t need The Rules.

    I think many women make the mistake of thinking that men and women act and think alike. The one poster as well as some other men on the board talked a little too Just like BWE blogs these forums need to learn to be liberal with the delete button. This whole lets here the opposition just ruins sites. What I’ve found is that there are men at the fourman plan forum (and you probably have fools haven’t seen them all) most seem to agree with the Four Man Plan. This whole thing against the Rules is just men upset that it will be harder to get a RG or any woman who values herself. These men who say that they tricked women into breaking the Rules either are with women learning (and learning means she will eventually catch on and be that much stronger) or women who are really practicing the Rules or anything similar in the first place.

    I have seen and even talked to men who are in agreement with the Rules. I think most men know better and you have those who act dumb and those who just don’t think they would respond to the Rules. But on a whole they know what they are doing and just trying to play dumb.

    Apparently the board had two groups or sub groups of the Rules The bootcamps (those who follow the steps) and what is called (though derogetory or considered an insult) lite touch (women who loosely follow the Rules). You’re always going to have separations, but there were some of them that I wondered about. I’ve never understood people who want to break Rules they haven’t fully learned yet. Thtat to me is like people who want to learn screenwriting, but (and are beginners) don’t want to learn the 3 act structure or are trying to break the Rules before they even learned them. Many use examples of Hollywood screenwriters, producers, directors who have done this not taking into account 1. ) they are know writers anyway and 2.) They studied their crap and are masters at it so they know how to break rules without hurting the story. I also don’t get why people complain about the Rules being strict etc. or Always question when the Rules or anything else trying to persuade them on an idea complain about this or that happened and I broke a rule. Books are written to persuade it’s up to the reader with what to keep and what to throw away.

    Sorry for being long winded.

  3. Velouroyale Says:


    Absolutely. I’ve noticed that, too. The males who rant the most about “gold-diggers” are usually broke. They want to guilt women out of looking for a man who brings anything to the table, because these males have nothing to bring to the table themselves. They want women who are more successful than they are to “date down” to “prove” to them that we aren’t gold-diggers. Before you know it, you’re paying for everything – including all of the expenses of your SHARED children – just to prove to him that you’re no gold-digger. Meanwhile…he IS a gold-digger.

  4. Sky Says:

    I agree w/ all the comments. They are the ones who usually say “money doesn’t buy happiness” or “money is the root of all evil”, but no…money may not buy your happiness but it does allow you the freedom to do whatever you what when you want it, without thinkin about the next paycheck or bill. The LOVE of money is the root of all evil, the money itself…take for instance the bankers during the finaincial housing crisis, that was def. a display of the love of money. Oprah has money, is happy, and certainly she hasn’t done any evil, at least not that i know of.

    These pharses people usually say are the ones who have money to begin w/ so they comfort themselves with that kind of talk.

    With the rules…these rules are nothing new. Rules have been implemented since the beginning of time. And what women need to understand is that the rules are not for them, its for the men. Men in the dating field NEED rules, otherwise you’ll continue to see men who “aren’t ready for a relationship”, “why buy the cow when you can get the milk free” and so and so forth. The rules are for them (men) to follow because you are the prize to be won! if they want you they must follow the rules otherwise kick them out of your dating life.

  5. Sky Says:

    typo…These pharses people usually say are the ones who DO NOT have money to begin w/ so they comfort themselves with that kind of talk.

  6. jubilee Says:

    yeah…the uterus is VERY EXPENSIVE and even scie nce can’t replace it yet (40 long weeks from conception to birth y’all) and kids need their dad being by mom until.

  7. jubilee Says:

    years ago I wondered why my aunts and family said DONT BE CHEAP

  8. cw Says:

    “The males who rant the most about “gold-diggers” are usually broke. They want to guilt women out of looking for a man who brings anything to the table, because these males have nothing to bring to the table themselves….. “

    Thanks for saying this Velour…Any focused hardworking person/entity KNOWS there are things one must bring to the table to ensure reciprocity and progress…Businesses do not enter into merger talks saying “Well, what if I ain’t got it?”…The parties involved have products, services or resources to barter with…That is life…All others, let them remain in Fantasyland!

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